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What is the best way for a criminal lawyer to generate business?

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

For over 11 years, James Greenier has worked exclusively for criminal defense law firms of all sizes in the area of lead generation. Here are a few excerpts from his new criminal defense lawyer lead generation series, “Retain Your Ideal Client Now.”

“Search engines remain THE most powerful lead generation opportunities online.  In the “old days” when people had a legal problem and had questions they had to call attorneys to obtain those answers.  In the “Age of Information” this step is bypassed altogether as legal consumers can type in their questions on any search engine and instantly obtain the answers.  The added convenience and privacy has created a permanent shift in legal consumer spending habits.”
“Social media sites are excellent devices for distributing content. The response is very similar to traditional advertising in that it is broadcast outward and has to reach the “ideal client” at the moment of need. Social media sites add credibility and show a historical background of operating as a legitimate business which is a plus.  Social media sites will eventually provide directories or will gain more traction in their users’ awareness of using their social media site as a reference tool. We recommend having a presence on these sites, however the ABA and other state bar associations have and are forming negative opinions concerning lawyer marketing on social media websites. So stay tuned!”
“Google changes their algorithm allow properly designed websites/blog to rank content on the 1st page of Google with minutes of being publish instead of month. This is a huge opportunity for any law firm of any size.”
“Targeted keyword research that determines the “ideal” keywords for legal content to be written and distributed on the Web via a blog, website or other legal websites produces high quality leads at a fraction of the cost of all other forms of advertising.”
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What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

It is important to understand the concept behind search engine optimization, aka SEO. Internet marketers help websites and the website’s inner pages more “search engine friendly.”  This process includes creating an effective keyword and keyphrase list of well targeted and trafficked terms. Then SEO the next step utilizes fluid copywriting and keywords within the body of each piece of web page content so that it adds to the content’s continuity in a relevant way.  SEO or search engine optimization also improve website’s structure for better indexing by major search engines.

Does your firm have a firm-wide Facebook page?

Friday, July 16th, 2010

I would recommend starting with one Facebook business page for the law firm. They take a lot of care and feeding, so to build more than one at a time might be a monumental task at first. One option is to have it focus on one major practice area, industry group or area of focus in your business and marketing plan, but I would suggest making it multi-focal to start. Your clients and friends need to be reminded what your firm is capable of, so let it cross-sell for you. Try to encourage conversation, an emphasis on your clients’, as well as your, activities, and don’t ever stop creating topics and conversation, and inviting people to come visit through its promotion on all of the social networks you are using.

Does each attorney have their own Facebook page for marketing purposes?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Facebook accounts or profiles should always be separated in to two different types – personal and professional. How embarrassing it would be to have had a fun night out on the town only to have an embarrassing photo of you tagged to your Facebook page where clients and future clients will view.  We recommend always getting permission from partners or management if you do set up a professional blog, social networking profile or anything else that will use the name of a law firm or company name. Even if the name of the company or law firm is only in your biography. Get it in writing.

Now, if you have a professional law firm or company FaceBook Fan Page or account set up you may want to have your IT staff create the accounts using the employees law firm / corporate email address. That way the firm always has control over the account.

I strongly urge law firms to set up individual Facebook accounts for each member and to advise the of their individual policies such as the purpose, what you will allow and not allow on the Facebook page, and making sure they use them for “law firm” business only. I would encourage the employees or attorneys of the firm to also add friends to their account that would be appropriate and to use care. Also I would encourage them to have their network become “a Fan” of the law firm’s Facebook Fan Page or Account.

There are a lot of legal pitfalls to avoid so we would recommend obtaining advice from employment lawyer that specializes in reviewing employee handbooks and Internet policy to make sure your covered.

What is the point of having a Facebook Page for Law Firms?

Monday, July 12th, 2010

The point of having a face book page for law firms is to keep the public informed of what is going on in the firms practice area. This gives potential clients the confidence that the firm is active and current. What I have found useful is to link both facebook and linkedin to twitter. Post a comment on one and it proliferates through all sites. For longer articles make a post to facebook. The end goal is to keep everyone informed.