Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy And Hierarchy

Content marketing is a relatively new term that continues to gain a more cohesive definition by the day. Marketing the content on a blog is a job within itself. Those that attempt to market and write their own blogs often fall short as there is just not enough time for one person to adequately complete each task.

Content marketing is not a one-person job. There should be a hierarchy if a blog is going to be successful. It starts at the top with a strategy. This strategy needs to be communicated by the person in charge (i.e. owner, CEO, vice president). Whatever title the person in charge holds, they need to be the one who comes up with a company strategy.

Next in line is the person in charge of production management (i.e. editor, production manager). This person needs to focus on managing. Taking on the responsibilities of writing will limit a manager’s effectiveness. Many unsuccessful managers fail because they take on too many responsibilities.

Managers need to be able to communicate clearly of what is expected to those working under them. That is why it is important for managers to assemble a team of writers who they can rely upon. A careful selection process when it comes to hiring the right kind of writers will go a long way.

Writers and proofreaders comprise the third and final group in this hierarchy. It is a tremendous advantage if managers can attract reliable writers who are capable of producing quality work on a consistent basis. If editors are not so lucky, they could take the freelance route and adjust their staff from one week to the next.

If your company is looking for quick content, going with freelance writers may be your only option. Posting a Craigslist ad or searching through e-lance can introduce you to some candidates. However, every manager usually has a horror story or two when it comes to freelancers. Does that mean hireing a freelancer is a poor move? Not at all. But managers need to be wary as they weed out potential candidates.

When a quality candidate is found, give them a reason to stick around and be part of your team. In the long run, it will make everyone’s life much easier.

That will free managers up to do what they are intended to be doing. Managers need to carry out the strategy put in place by the person in charge. There are numerous strategies to choose from, one of which is being able to build a community.

The immediate thought that usually comes to mind when building a community is to spread the word via Twitter or Facebook. But those are not the only means of getting out your message.

Blogs enable you to present your business in a more casual manner. Blogs can be used by businesses to educate readers while also announcing new products. Interacting with reader comments is also a way of enticing readers to become part of your community. Video sharing via your own yourbube channel is another route you can take as well.

Social media is a good avenue, but much of the time it reaches out to people who already know something about your business. That is why it is important to take things a step farther and take advantage of search engines. That can happen by continuing to produce a high number of blogs while maximizing your SEO power. New and fresh content not only maintains interest in pre-existing relationships but it also helps foster new ones.

None of that is possible without content marketing. However, it is important to remember those two words in that order. The content always comes before the marketing and it is up to the hierarchy of the business to maintain that chain of command.

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Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy And Hierarchy
Lawyer website marketing expert James Greenier discusses law firm content marketing strategy and the content creation hierarchy.


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