Lawyer Website SEO – Top 10 Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is designed to increase visibility for lawyers’ websites and make your Internet brand easier to locate by legal consumers.

Here are the tried-and-true Top-10 for lawyers’ websites:

  1. Legal content. Optimized legal content has everything to do with drawing legal consumers to websites for lawyers. It’s pivotal for your landing page and the rest of your webpages to contain valuable, relevant legal content, because that’s what legal consumers are looking for when they enter the search.
  2. Legal consumers. Websites for lawyers target a very specific audience: legal consumers. Depending upon your areas of practice, that definition can be narrowed to legal consumers in search of your specialty. Legal consumers are the reason lawyers’ websites exist.
  3. Keywords. SEO professionals perform online traffic reporting to identify keywords that make your Internet brand more identifiable to legal consumers. Legal content is optimized using relevant keywords. Avoid “keyword stuffing” and other tactics that are counterintuitive to SEO strategy.
  4. Internet brand. This is the online counterpart to your offline law practice. This isn’t just about the appearance of lawyers’ websites, although the logo, graphics, and other images are important, too. This is about understanding your SEO and social media strategies, and how it relates to your identity. Search engines identify your Internet brand through SEO. Legal consumers find your Internet brand online using search engines.
  5. Clickability. Simple navigation persuades legal consumers to stay at lawyers’ websites for a visit. Icons, links, and highlighted text should be easy to identify when a legal consumer is scanning a webpage. Clean, unbroken links and pages that load quickly make clickabilty simple work.
  6. WordPress. This is “the beast” of tools for lawyers’ websites and everyone else. WordPress loves SEO! The free software is an optimization-wealthy environment, and simple to customize using plugins (do the research). WordPress can be customized to make your Internet brand more appealing to legal consumers.
  7. Links. A website for lawyers needs links to drive legal consumers to the site. Link stuffing gets messy, and linkspam should be eradicated – both can jeopardize your search engine rankings.
  8. Images. An inviting image or two can make your message loud and clear to legal consumers. Much like legal content, images generate metadata that search engines seek as their spiders crawl the ‘net. This means optimized titles and tags are quite important to the identification of your Internet brand.
  9. Smartphones. Legal consumers, like most Americans, are dependent upon their smartphones and other mobile devices. Shrinking lawyers websites to fit a smartphone screen isn’t practical, but you can build a smartphone-friendly version of your site. Apps are also an excellent way to bridge the smartphone gap, and are ripe for optimization.
  10. Prioritize. Legal consumers are your priority and, no matter how excellent your SEO strategy is, losing site of the audience your targeting can doom your Internet brand. This means legal content that is focused, and relevant to legal consumers – and keeping it fresh by uploading 4-5 legal blogs per week.

Lawyer Website SEO is Our Business
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