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Trends in Online Commerce: How Can Your Law Firm Benefit from Mobile Sales?

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

This week an IDC Retail survey revealed that shoppers using smartphones are expected to account for more $127 billion in sales — more than a quarter of the estimated $447 billion in sales that U.S. retailers will reap this holiday season.

Law firm websites that offer the most advanced mobile strategies and thorough social media efforts will enjoy a significant competitive advantage in reaching more of the existing and future online clientele.

What does this mean for your law firm?

Consumers are becoming more comfortable, and reliant on their mobile devices for online tasks — including shopping for services including legal services. If your law firm website is not fully optimized for mobile use and compatible with smartphone browsers, your law firm will be left behind.

Consider purchasing the .mobi version of your domain name and develop the property to be mobile-friendly. This will attract consumers and will help increase your visibility in search engines such as Google.

Social media is also key to driving mobile success: sites such as Twitter and Facebook are geared to work seamlessly with smartphones. Mobile users have embraced these sites and business owners seeking to succeed in the mobile world can learn from the experimentation pursued by these major online players.

Remain competitive in the face of this wave: plan and execute a mobile and social media strategy that will cater to the growing mobile marketplace.

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