Creating A Successful New Business Blog: Part III

The following essential considerations will help you create a successful new business blog:

Know your audience. Having a sense of your audience and understanding who they are is crucial to creating content that satisfies their needs and interests. Generally, it takes a fair amount of research to gain this type of knowledge. It also takes time, but the more time you take to understand this, the more efficient you will be with publishing articles and developing a growing audience. One way to accomplish this, is simply to engage your readers by initially posting a variety of content when first getting started with your blog, and see how they respond. Slowly but surely, you will be able to get focused on the type of articles your visitors gravitate towards.

Create a catchy call-to-action. A good call-to-action signals site visors about the purpose and intent of your blog. It can be a short phrase or statement that you constantly reiterate on your site and include at the end of your published articles. Keep your message concise, simple and to the point. Although you can utilize other social media to get this message across (i.e. Twitter), your best bet is the site itself. Placement of your call-to-action on your blog is also a very important in terms of getting it out there to your audience. The top banner on your blog home page, or at the end of each post, are two key places to consider, rather than the sidebars on your site.

Stay true to yourself. Creating an audience for your blog develops over time, and a big part of this is your readers knowing what to expect and taking a genuine interest in the content you publish. This is all about maintaining integrity and consistency with your blog, and essentially staying true to yourself, the values and content you’re promoting, and most importantly your voice. A writer’s voice is one of the most overlooked aspects of blogging, when it should be the first and foremost consideration. Writing isn’t necessarily about choosing a topic and what you have to say, it’s about finding the right voice, and how you say it. Blogs create a following because their readers care about the voice of the writer and/or publisher.

Create catchy headlines. The most effective way to grab a readers’ attention when they visit your site, is to create catchy headlines and sub-headlines throughout your blog. Before a reader begins to read a post or chooses an article to read, they have to want to and notice it exists. Often times this has no bearing on the quality of the content itself. Instead, it’s more about commanding the attention of your readers and engaging their curiosities with effective headlines so they take the next step of actually reading posts. People have only give themselves moments of time to decide if they want to read a given post, and your headline plays a large role in enticing them to do so.  An effective headline is also makes it easy and desirable for readers to share your post with others. Make sure to keep your headlines brief, simple, and bold.

Give your email list priority. Developing an email list or a database of email subscriptions is imperative if you are creating a blog to promote and market your business. This is not an option. For most business blogs, the blog itself isn’t even considered their “community,” their email lists are. They should be the priority, before self-promotion and deliberate marketing, when it comes to your blog and its content.  Paying attention and giving value to your readers, by selecting and writing content focused on their concerns and curiosities, should be your top priority. Statistically, a simple home page design with relevant information about what readers can expect received higher ratings and a greater response over a more complicated home page version with less information about the actual newsletter and how to subscribe.

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