Creating A Successful New Law Firm Blog: Part II

The following are several key considerations for developing a successful new business blog:

Gather content from your audience. Pay attention to what your audience is saying and the questions they are asking you. Create posts that focus on answering interesting, relevant questions from readers you engage with on your own blog site. This is an excellent way to gather ideas and subject matter on topics your visitors would most like to read about. Make sure to look through the commentary after each article and see what your readers are saying. A lot of times readers will even request articles or seek information specifically. This is the easiest way to start looking for potential topics to address.

Create a database of email subscriptions. Consider offering an email subscription to your readers as soon as you launch you blog. Developing a database takes time, so get started as soon as possible, and over time you will see your list grow. The list allows you to promote new blog content, advertise promotions, etc to your readership directly without having to worry about search rankings or any other online obstacles in communications. Think of an interesting way to incentivize visitors to subscribe to your email list by getting creative with language, words, and/or phrasing you use.

Value your visitors. While it’s good and necessary to focus about new readers and expanding your audience, you shouldn’t ignore the ones you already have! It’s difficult to create an audience in the first place, so it’s important to value the readers that are already make up your audience. Take some time out every so often to show your current readers that you care about them too.  Not only is a blog an online technological platform, but it is also commitment between you and your audience, in that they expect to you to present and share with them actual, relevant content of value. Readers look at content from the point of view of valuable, reliable, and credible information about what’s happening in their lives.

Share your knowledge. The point of a blog is to disseminate information. The last thing you want to do is have any fears about showcasing what you know. A lot of bloggers withhold good, relevant content, fearing they will give away their “secret recipe” to blogging. Unfortunately, there are no “secrets” in the blogosphere, where nowadays everyone has access to the Internet and all of its content quickly and easily. The better approach, no matter what line of business you’re in, would be to give away your information, and sell your knowledge.

Create citable content. Something to consider before publishing an article on your blog is whether anyone would want to cite any of its content for any reason. Interesting and relevant subject matter can generate many findings, or simply an idea that ties into the next, which is what many readers are often looking for. Publishing articles that include such content, often makes them citable on the web by visitors for a variety of reasons. When readers engage this way by creating links to your blog, or giving mention to a specific post of your, it gives exposure and credibility to your blog and its content.

Having this mentality about the content of your blog also gives you a threshold to consider before posting an article.

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