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Ways That Lawyer Web Videos Can Hurt Your Client Development

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

If you are planning on putting a website video on your law firm’s website than you should avoid the following mistakes.  If not, you may be turning potential clients away from your law firm.

1. Does your lawyer video look like a B-rated horror movie? Details are everything and first impressions are lasting impressions. Lighting, picture quality,  and sound quality give instant sense of your credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

2. Not building trust or selling you. Video is all about personality and making a personal connection. Allow yourself to be you. Speak clearly and memorize your pitch instead of trying to read a script. Allow your personality to shine through. Point out you main strengths and point of difference.

3. Not creating videos for different practice area pages. Creating relevant videos is a very good way to increase your credibility, showcase your experience, and address the potential clients’ issue directly. We usually create a home page video, attorney profile videos and practice specific videos for optimal results.

Let’s not forget that web video can be optimized for search engines and can be used to draw in traffic from users of social media sites such as YouTube.

Call Lawyer Success, Inc, for a free rate quote. We offer a flat fee for up to 10 onsite lawyer videos. Call us today at (769) 218-6099.

What is the best way for a solo practicing lawyer to advertise for new clients?

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I am located in the Philadelphia area and I am trying to seek any clients to represent. What is the best resources and avenue for a young attorney to market themself to get new clients?

James Greenier (Law Firm Marketing Expert): Excellent question as I am sure this is on the minds of many attorneys fresh out of law school, or experienced attorneys starting a new law practice due to the changes in the economy.

My advice to lawyers is to spend their time wisely and not try to do everything to market themselves. You will wear yourself thin trying to stay organized and you will have poor results. I see this mistake all of the time. Many attorneys will try one idea then move on to another and repeat this process without making any great strides in client development. The point is you should find 3-5 different marketing strategies that are proven to work and stick to them.

What works in lawyer advertising?

When a lawyer beings a new practice or is starting a new year it is very important that you do not fall into the HYPE TRAP. Social networking is a great example of that. I have been marketing our company on many of these sites and have wasted a ton of time. I wish I had spent my time more wisely on the proven techniques I am about to cover.  Is social networking a complete waste of time? No, but it shouldn’t occupy a significant part of your time investment in advertising your law practice.

Law Firm Marketing Plan

Determine a short term and a long term strategy. Your law firm marketing plan should cover ideas and strategies you can do each day to:

#1 drive new business in the door today.

#2 build a huge lead generation machine for tomorrow.

Short Term Law Firm Marketing Ideas:

1. Pay Per Lead Services for Lawyers offer the best way to make the phone ring instantly. The price is typically around $40 or so dollars for a lead. Make sure the Pay Per Lead programs are designed to have the client call you directly to avoid fee sharing issues. The price is actually pretty good considering the cost of advertising on search engines is about $15 or more for a click and it often takes several clicks to generate one call.

2. Law Firm Article Marketing – Writing and submitting articles to websites such as Law Firm Articles and other article websites is a great way to generate leads because the content is positioned within the search engines, the articles typically get indexed very quickly, the articles stay on the site for as long as you want, and best of all it is free. I recommend submitting at least 1 article per day.

3. Law Firm Directories – Law firm directories are really great opportunities if you can find the directories that have great exposure and few attorneys listed.  I recommend typing in a few different key phrases such as (I will use Dallas, Texas DUI as an example) “Texas Lawyer” “Texas Attorney” “Texas DUI Attorney” “Dallas DUI Lawyer” etc… Look for websites that are showing up multiple times. Visit the sites and see how many attorneys are listed. If you find 5 or fewer paid attorneys you are in luck and should inquire about pricing.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising for Lawyers – An Adwords campaign on Google or a Paid Inclusion program with Bing or Yahoo will generate new business for you instantly. I recommend performing a lot of key word research to obtain the best keywords to use. You want to start with at least 500 key phrases to keep the overall cost per click down. You are going to want to review your clicks each day to see which clicks are converting into leads. Set up a web page with a specific telephone number dedicated to your Pay Per Click campaign to measure results.  Keep in mind it takes about 30-50 clicks to generate a good lead for your law firm.

Long Term Law Firm Marketing Ideas:

1. Get a Real Lawyer Website! – Your website has the potential to generate the most leads for the dollar. Let me say that again… YOUR WEBSITE has the potential to be the best lead generation strategy. The biggest mistake I see is a law firm going cheap on their website. They use the cheapest website designer or get one of the low cost or free websites from Yahoo or Trust me, you are going to ruin your domain forever by doing this.  After about 1 year, the average law firm has their website address on over 100 different items such as Bar directory, newspaper ads, letterhead, advertising, business cards, brochures, etc.  It is such a mess when you make the mistake of building a “business card website.” Do not do it.  The cost of damaging your domain with the search engines and losing the ability to rank it high in the search engines is by our estimates between $350,000 and $1 million dollars in legal fees.  DO – wait until you can afford or are ready to develop your law firm website with an expert who understands SEO and content development.

2. Begin a Practice Specific Blogs – Blogging has been around for many years but there seems to be a lot of misinformation about how lawyer blogs work, the type of content you should write and how to generate business off of a lawyer blog. A custom lawyer blog, if design and search engine optimized correctly, can generate very high searhc engine positioning and generate enormous volumes of leads. We set up and teach our clients how to run a successful lawyer blog to generate leads for their law firm. We also help write their content as well.

3. Hire a Legal Content Writer. Hiring an attorney to write content for your website on a frequent basis is a very cost effective way to generate leads for your law firm. Adding regular articles and FAQs to your blog or website will generate new clients for a fraction of the cost of TV, Yellow Page ads, or Pay Per Click. Visit

At Lawyer Success, Inc, we generate substantial business from our website(s) without spending a lot of money. Our website generate 10-20 calls per day from highly qualified prospects. This is done through our website solution service.  If you want to do it right for a few hundred a month and generate the same results call us at (769) 218-6099.

New Poll: Most Law Firms are Investing in Web Marketing, Despite Economy

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

A recent poll of law firms performed by an independent market research firm in Chicago shows that law firms are turning to the Web to generate new business and to position themselves for the future.

* 54% of law firm poll respondents said that they have redesigned their law firm website within the past 2 years.

* 88% of law firm poll respondents said that the are more confident in the Web as far as generating new business today than they were last year.

* 15% of the law firm poll’s  respondents said now use Twitter as an alternative method for generating online relationships and traffic to their website.

* Over 83% of the law firm respondents were using at least one other social media site, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

If you have any questions related to social media networking for attorneys or if you would like assistance in generating more leads to your law firm, call James Greenier at (769) 218-6099 for more information.

Best Way for a Lawyer To Spend Time Marketing a Law Practice

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

11 years in this business has taught me a lot about how attorneys manage their time.  The practice of law can be very mentally exhausting and most attorneys tend to unwind during the lull moments at the law office. However, let me show you how 15 minutes a day can make a huge impact with your law firm’s lead generation and marketing results.

Imagine generating all the new business you could ever want or need by simply spending 15 minutes a day following a step by step program that will generate enormous volumes of leads in to you law practice.  Well, why would someone want more business when many attorneys have more than enough?

The answer is simple.  By generating more new prospects in to your law practice you can be more selective about the cases and clients you take on. Also imagine slashing your whole entire advertising budget to about what you would pay for a business card sized ad in one antiquated yellow pages directory.

If this sounds good to you, continue reading this…

You found this very website as a result of this program and technique that I would like to teach you. Now you may not elect to do business with us, but 1 out of about 20 visitors will. Each day 15 minutes a day is allocated to following a specific set of procedures that increase our web traffic resulting in new client inquiries every single day.

We are realizing an increase of over 50% in uniques visits to our website over previous month and I am not talking going from 20 visits per month to 30.  I am talking about going from 180 uniques per day to over 370 uniques a day. We call this technique the “Google Spider Food” technique.  Best of all the web traffic is all relevant traffic, the type of traffic from potential clients that search the Web for services like ours.

This video really demonstrates the technique and shows you the proof of how our system generates enormous volumes of new traffic and new clients to our business.

To learn more call James Greenier at (769) 218-6099.

Lawyer Web Page Makers

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Are you looking for quality lawyer web page makers? If so, you have found one of the best in the business with Lawyer Success, Inc. Our firm has worked with 7 of the top 10 most trafficked legal websites on the web. We have also worked with over 3,500 law firms throughout North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

Why us? Results Results Results!

Out of the following different service options listed below, which service is most appealing to you? A, B, or C?

A) Cheap website template that costs about $150 per year but generates no phone calls or revenues.  But you have a website to refer people to on other advertising that costs 20-50 times more and is declining in usage.
B)  An attractive custom designed from one of the big names that costs $10,ooo or more per year and generates a few calls a month. Shown on the 1st page of Google for a few keywords. No support, no substantial increases in traffic month after month.
C) An attractive website and 15 minutes of your time per day following a system that generates 1,000s of unique visitors every month and your phone rings multiple times a day with quality prospective clients. You cut out all of your other advertising saving you 10s of thousands of dollars per year.

If you chose option C., call Lawyer Success, Inc. right now at (769) 218-6099 to learn more about our online marketing plans for lawyers. We guarantee new cases or your money back with our lawyer lead generation solutions.

Professional Web Site Templates Law Firm

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Why spend $50 or $100 for a professional web site templates law firm design style? The problem with templates is that they end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues because they are not good for search engine optimization and rankings.  In fact, you will likely ruin your domain name by using a template. Once Google and other search engines rate your website it is very difficult and time consuming to get a domain to respond to better design and optimization techniques.

Most of the attorneys that call us have realized that it was a serious mistake to throw up a templated website with out the proper SEO and content. The realize that it affected not on their rankings but the lost revenues past, present and future were pretty significant.

At Lawyer Success, Inc. we build law firm web sites that perform fantastic in the search engines and generate significant cases for our clients. These websites include all the features you need to generate significant leads at a price that is more affordable than you think.

Call us today at (769) 218-6099 to discuss our law firm web designs with search engine optimization and blog.

Law Firm Narrative For Web Site

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

The most important and viewed content on your law firm web site is the Home Page.  The content on your law firm’s website Home Page creates interest, credibility and conversion of web visitors into to new clients for you law practice. This is ultimately the first impression or communication set forth between the prospective client and your law firm.   Law firm narratives should address the client’s concerns, fears and challenges that they will be facing.

Most law firm’s make the mistake of writing content that is all about the law firm. This is a bad way of selling the law firm and is offensive to most people. Although we tend to think that if we can just tell people how great we are, they will hire us. But that is simply not true.

The most important step in writing an effective law firm narrative is to create a bond between the web visitor and your law firm. The average legal consumer is apprehensive and apathetic toward hiring and engaging a law firm about their legal situation.  How often do your prospective clients call at the very last moment?

So the point of your initial statements to prospective website visitors should address the typical concerns you hear about on a daily basis at your law firm. Each practice area has different concerns and should be modified appropriately.  For example, a divorce lawyer may want to address the fears of filing for a divorce or the feelings someone may have when they have been served with divorce papers.

When writing you law firm’s website narrative, you should think about your clients’ demographics.  Write a description about the typical web site clients you generate. Think about what they tell you they are feeling or fearing.  This will help you to develop a narrative that is more on point and effective for converting your web visits into clients.

What if we have more than one practice area of law? This is even better. Write down a description of each client for each area of practice. Then review them and find the common characteristics of each. In many cases, they will be completed different however there may be some similarities in characteristics such as tone, worries or fears, urgency in dealing with the legal issue.  Use these commonalities to draft an opening paragraph and then create a specific practice area narrative for each practice area below this opening paragraph.

How important is an effective law firm narrative for web site optimization? Beyond the contextual importance to converting web visitors in to new clients, the content and key phrases utilized within the body of text effects the website’s search engine placement and rankings.  Does it include widely used keywords based on real research or keywords you assume people will use? Keyword selection is critical and can be the difference in 1,000s of additional or lost visits per month costing you in added revenues month after month.

At Lawyer Success, Inc. we have attorney writers who write your website content for you utilizing the very best key phrases, search engine optimization strategies and favor the content in a way that speaks well of your law practice. You will be proud to have people visiting your website and read the quality content we will provide to you at a very minimal cost.

Call us today at (769) 218-6099 or visit our subsidiary for writing samples and a free quote.

Custom Website Lawyer Affiliate Program Launched by

Friday, April 16th, 2010

April 16, 2010 – Lawyer Success, Inc ( launches a new affiliate program. The has several sub programs within the affiliate program and also pays top dollar for each sub program. Here is a list of the affiliate programs we are offering at this time.


You have the choice between receiving a fixed payment per lead with bonus on the sale of the lead or receiving a portion of the contract value. The average fixed payment per lead is $50 with a bonus of 3 figures. The portion of the contract value varies between the high 3 figures and the low 4 figures.

1. Custom Lawyer Website Design Leads

2. Lawyer Pay Per Lead Generation Leads

3. Lawyer Internet Marketing Leads

4. Lawyer Content Development Leads

5. Law Firm SEO Leads

If you would like more information about our custom website lawyer and internet marketing services affiliate partnership program. Please call James Greenier at (769) 218-6099 for more details.

Best Criminal Lawyer Website Design – Released

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Lawyer Success, Inc. is pleased to announce the release its new client’s website in March of 2010. The new site can be found here Mississippi Criminal Lawyer. Mr. Alonzo isBest Criminal Lawyer Website Designs and award winning designs a trial attorney with over 20 years of trial experience in the areas of criminal defense, DUI and civil litigation. Mr. Alonzo is licensed in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Georgia.

Mr. Alonzo, made the decision to go with a Lawyer Success, Inc. website design, internet marketing package, Google Adwords campaign management and law firm search engine optimization. He has notified us that he has already received several calls and has retained at least one client that paid for the service for the entire year.

How to get more out of state attorney referrals.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I have spent nearly a decade marketing law firms of all sizes, practice areas and geographical locations and the one question I always ask to potential or existing clients is: “What are you doing that works?”

One of the interesting ideas I picked up from one of my clients, who is one of the most notable criminal attorneys in my home state was about how out of state attorneys find him on the Web. Well of course, being that I am his website designer and SEO specialist I had to know what I was doing right so I could improve upon it for all my clients.

He said, that the referrals he generates monthly from the website from other attorneys (usually out of state) is through the effective presentation of his criminal defense trial success. He said that the most important things to generate high quality attorney referrals was the following.

1. Be found. Make sure your SEO is comprehensive and you are bidding on key phrases on the major search engines.

2. Update the website frequently because it shows that the law firm is well organized.

3. Make sure your attorney biographies are well written as this is one of the most important and viewed pages of your law firm’s site for referring attorneys.

4. List as many testimonials as you can from satisfied clients and from other legal professionals.

5. Display as many of your awards, credentials, published legal works and association memberships as you can.

My client told me that he typically receives calls from the client themselves. The referral typically has already spoken with their attorney and the referring attorney after reviewing my client’s website assures the referral that my client is the one to help them. My client said, its almost like the referring attorney speaks to their client like we have know each other for years after reviewing our website.

If you would like to learn the criminal defense web marketing and out of state lead generation tips that are so good I won’t release on the website. Call me, James Greenier at (769) 218-6099. I have worked with 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites on the Web. I also have advised over 3,500 law firm clients since 2000.