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The Role of Legal Content in your Lawyer Website

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Legal content writing is more than just putting a few words onto a page and dropping a lawyer’s name into the mix here and there. Legal content compliments your brand, much like an aromatic white wine — Chardonnay, for instance — pairs well with semi-hard Cheddar and Alpine cheeses. Effective legal content should encourage the prospective client to linger over your lawyer website – drawn by aesthetics, captured with substance. The problem is finding the time to write your own legal content, let alone make it appealing – especially for sole practitioners and smaller law firms.

Legal content writing

Legal content consists of lawyer website articles and blogs. Lawyer Success, Inc. has a network of attorney-writers available who understand both the legal and marketing mechanisms required to produce successful legal content.  Our consultants interview you to gather the criteria desired for your legal content, and our technical team ranks keywords (SEO — search engine optimization) using the latest web traffic reporting tools, then our writers marry the two in your customized legal content. The result is an online presence branding your own legal niche!

Perhaps you already have an aspiring legal content writer on-staff, or prefer to hire your own legal content writer through Craig’s List or another online classified source – or, maybe you just want to do-it-yourself? The quality of the work you publish on your lawyer website is important. Remember: This is a prospective client’s first impression of you, and you want that first impression to resonate favorably.

Online publishing made easy

Publishing new legal content 4-5-times per week and writing weekly press releases is a great way to effectively add unique content and value to your lawyer website. Great content generates links, and constantly updated content creation can elevate your Google rankings higher than paid-link campaigns. Lawyer Success, Inc. can show you how to add content, edit web pages, format content, add articles, blog posts, audio, and more to your lawyer website from the convenience of yourself (or, we can administer your site for you). We also make your lawyer website and optional blog page conveniently accessible from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone.

Free lawyer website design

Lawyer Success, Inc. saves you time and money on legal website content and lawyer website design. Call today to receive free, no-obligation strategies from a highly experienced consultant (and never a sales representative). There is absolutely No Risk for trying our Free lawyer website design offer!

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Making Your Business Irresistible to the Media

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

If you are relatively new to the cyberspace world, and have just put your business on the web, you may be wondering how you can involve the media in your online business and draw them to your site on a consistent basis. Where do you start when attempting to become overwhelmingly appealing to the media at large?

Why Not Turn the Tables?

Instead of sitting back and waiting for the media to come to you, why not go to them first? Ask the editor of your local newspaper if you can interview him or her for your website or blog on a topic which is relevant to your site or niche. Even better, be exceptionally brave and approach the editor of a larger national magazine or newspaper for an interview, creating interest in your site and your business.

If the media becomes interested in your site, your product or what you have to say, they may ask to be added to your distribution lists which will enable them to be kept apprised of new developments, new products or new information you share on your site. Once you have established a relationship with a member of the media, provide them with several links to your best work and ask if they would like to be added to your list. What this means is that every time you write a new blog article, you are likely to get multiple media mentions from taking the initiative and approaching the media first.

Let Your Customers Be Part of the Process

When a member of the media profiles your site, they may want to include an interview with a customer of yours—a satisfied one, obviously. Speak to the customers you have in mind prior to the interview and ask if they would mind doing a little PR work for your business, and if they are comfortable being interviewed, photographed or even being on television. Then let the member of the media know that you have several customers who are willing to discuss their experiences with your company in person or via phone.

Build the Relationship Prior to Pitching an Idea

It’s important that you connect with members of the media several months in advance via Twitter, Facebook or other social media avenues before you jump right in and ask for media attention. Even though we are talking about internet business, you are still the real person behind the real business and these people must get to know you and to trust you before they will be willing to promote your business. Reporters often use Twitter to converse with the public, so keep up with these exchanges and respond to comments.

Read a reporter’s work on a regular basis, and comment favorably on a particular story he or she did. If you are at a charity event or chamber of commerce event and spot a reporter you are interested in having review your business, make a point of introducing yourself, but save the hard sell for later on down the road. Pleasant small talk is all that is necessary at this point, but do try to make a favorable impression. Write a blog posting on your blog which highlights a reporter’s story in a positive manner, then shoot them an e-mail, including the link.

Start small by scouting out your local publications which have smaller, but more targeted readerships. Often these publications are run by a handful of people, who will welcome the opportunity to have a guest column done by you, saving them the time of running down their own story. There are many more ways to make your site tantalizing to the media, but the tips above are a good way to begin.