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How to Retain Your Ideal Client – Earn More Per Client

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Attorney Matthew Poole discusses how important it is to find solutions that offer a high level of customization in order to narrow your reach to the potential client that offer you the highest probability of retention regardless of the cost of your legal services. Mr. Poole shares with you the various types of advertising he has tested to generate new law firm business for his solo practice.  He explains how he was about to leave his stressful and less profitable associate job at one of the largest, downtown law firms in his area.  He also offers tips and ideas concerning how to start a law practice of your own with less risk and less expense. He also shares the “hidden costs” that some less targeted advertising  presents and that the idea of focusing on obtaining call volume to generate quality clients does not work and is unprofitable.

Mr. Poole shares real world experience on why traditional advertising such as full page yellow page ads, radio, newspaper and print items are not targeted enough to attract and retain the right type of client and how that is a costly mistake. Attorney Poole shares a valuable technique that he uses to attract the right amount of call volume from clients who were targeted toward the types of clients that his legal services would be a benefit to for a fraction of the cost of all other advertising.

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