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Blogging Makes for A Well-Linked Lawyer

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

The benefits of blogging just may be the best kept secret on the Internet. When added to a lawyer website, blogs naturally attract both prospective clients and search engine traffic. Blogs are set-up to link every page back to other main pages on your lawyer website and are, therefore, exceptionally well-linked!

If you’re writing your own blog, here’s a couple of tips to get started:

  • Brainstorm. Identify legal content to use in your blog. The topic should be relevant to your practice areas and prospective client you wish to attract. The object is to hold their attention long enough to read your blog, and to encourage them to further explore your lawyer website.  Get to the point of your blog post quickly – like a couple of seconds into the visit – and interesting enough to compel them read further or leave a comment.
  • Think short and scannable. Follow the same formatting guidelines used on your lawyer website (e.g., short paragraphs, simple writing style, highlighted keywords, bulleted lists, and subheads). You want to grab the attention of a prospective client, causing them to at-least scan the document, but preferably read it. The typical web-surfer scans a page, then spends mere seconds deciding whether to read-on or leave and click into the next website. Scannability and visual appeal are blogging musts!

Regardless of what your high school English teacher told your, one or two sentence paragraphs are a good thing when it comes to writing legal content for blogs. Keeping paragraphs short makes blog posts easier to scan and read. Long paragraphs become scannable when legal content is broken into bulleted or numbered lists. Bold headlines are excellent attention-getters, but overuse makes your blog post appear cluttered and difficult to read.

Increasing the traffic to your lawyer website

Blog post titles are the first thing noticed by prospective clients upon arrival at your blog post. Intermingling SEO (search engine optimization) with your creative titles increases traffic to your lawyer website. This goes back to the algorithms used by Google to interpret the SEO and evaluate and determine search rankings on your lawyer website. Search engines, such as Google, weigh your blog post title heavier than the actual content; so, make the titling count!

Why Google and other search engines love blogs:

  • They are easy to spider
  • They offer fast upload times
  • They have RSS capabilities
  • They allow for commenting
  • They have constant fresh content that is relevant and resourceful

We match lawyer website design to blog posts

The skilled team at Lawyer Success, Inc. creates custom designed WordPress blogs from scratch, or we can incorporate the elements of your existing lawyer website design into your blog design. Coordinating the website and blog designs provides continuity that allows prospective clients to navigate between the two with clarity that comes from the same look and feel. Our consultants can save you both time and money with no-obligation strategies and  24/7-client-support for your lawyer website. Give us a call and ask about our No Risk, Free lawyer website design!

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Law Firm Website Strategic Planning

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Lawyer website design is much like legal case strategy. In litigating a case, a lawyer puts-on his (or her) best evidence for the trier-of-fact. The lawyer strategically decides which motions to file, the scope of discovery, who to call as a witness, and the content of direct- and cross-examinations.  Lawyer websites follow a similar strategy only, here, the lawyer decides who the target audience is, which facts are most important to his (or her) practice, the scope of legal content, and the substance of blog material.

Strategizing content for lawyer websites further parallels legal case strategy when it comes to behind-the-scenes work. Lawyers oftentimes have paralegals and secretaries organizing the case from the sidelines – interviewing witnesses, requesting evidence, drafting documents, and otherwise dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. In other words, an appealing and orderly presentation to the court is generally dependent upon a little team work. That’s exactly what LawyerSuccess, Inc. can do for you. Our team of marketing experts, lawyer website designers, legal content and blog writers, and technical support staffers create an online presence that is geared toward favorable results for your practice in the way of building your client-base. We understand that lawyers are busy people. Let us save you some time and money by letting us handle the behind-the-scenes work for your lawyer website.

LawyerSuccess, Inc. begins the strategizing of your lawyer website design with an interview. We want to know the practice areas you wish to promote online and the venues from which you wish to generate cases. Next, we feed your practice data into the latest web traffic reporting tools, searching for the best and most frequently used key-phrases in your specific market. This process, known as search engine optimization (SEO), allows us to generate the highest amount of web traffic possible by tactically positioning your lawyer website within the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) and bringing you the clients and cases you desire. The ultimate goal for your lawyer website is to be optimized for great search engine rankings; Lawyer Success, Inc. assists and guides you through the SEO maze. We provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation, and show you how SEO can significantly increase your website traffic.

Saving lawyers time and money

LawyerSuccess, Inc. is, perhaps, the only lawyer website design firm on the market willing to build a free website for your practice. You don’t pay unless you’re happy with our work. We guarantee our performance with opt-outs and SEO placement. A lawyer would never offer a guaranteed outcome of their legal representation for obvious reasons (e.g., too many variables beyond your control); however, Lawyer Success, Inc. has the ability to overcome certain variables and is confident to offer a No Risk lawyer website design and SEO service, saving you both time and money. Our strategy is to successfully design your strategy.

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Law Firm Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Tapping the Social Media Market on the Web


Often people will ask how law firm marketing works.  Well, the answer may not be as hard as some think it is.  So what are some ways to create marketing for law firms?  First one has to explore the infinite resources on the web.  For the web conscious, consider the likes of social media marketing like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and more.  These are just a few of the avenues that you can take to get to set yourself above the competition. 

As fast as the web and web programmers are progressing in this technological world, there is no telling what other programs and media sites will be available in the future. 


Once it catches on it’s hard to stop the momentum.  Social media outlets allow a vast network of people to see your site and become fans.  Some will also allow you to leave comments and questions on their website.  Social marketing is almost like having a website on top of your other website.  You can leave blogs, comments or talk about any kind of promotional deal you may be offering.


If you’re so inclined, you can also create videos or podcasts and post them up on YouTube or your social media site.  You probably won’t be a viral video sensation, but you don’t need to be.  Besides that, it’s not a goal for your website.  The key is to get your website and your information to the people who need it the most.  The sky’s the limit. 

There’s no stopping the momentum of the World Wide Web so you might as well take advantage of the opportunities they give and ride the train.  The train isn’t slowing down anytime soon.


If you need help in any of the preceding strategies call us for a rate quote and a free consultation so that you too can have the best lawyer website in your market. Call (769) 218-6099 today.