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How to Generate High Quality, Paying Customers Through Your Law Firm Website Instantly

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Here is a secret that hardly any competitor of yours knows.  You can build your own massive lead generation machine and slash your ad budget by 75% or more.

What is the secret?  After working with 3,500 law firms and spend 11 years in this business I have learned that ALL law firm’s make the mistake of trying to take short cuts or the lazy way to advertising and marketing their law practice. However, we are going to show you how spending ZERO dollars for web traffic and investing 10 minutes a day you can generate 6-7 figures in legal fees each year.
HERE’S WHAT THE FUNNY PART is… we are the EXPERTS…We generate  70,000 LEADS PER MONTH but 9 out of 10 law firms that contact us have a we “know it all” attitude so they end up not following this PROVEN LEAD GENERATION BLUEPRINT.  It equates to a lay person representing themselves in civil litigation.

So here is what you need to know about generating high quality cases and clients instantly into your law firm.

SEO is not dead, it has been improved.  What used to take months to achieve, now is achieved in minutes if you have the right tools in place. SEO (search engine optimization) places (or ranks) your law firm website high in Google’s search engine listing results pages. When use with the right types of “ideal” keyword phrases harvested from Google statistics, this can bring more traffic to your site for free.

The first position in organic or natural search result generates 41-45% of the clicks, almost 20 times the amount of clicks the first paid search result receive.  So if you can build quality, original content in the structure that search engines like Google prefer, you can tap into the best “traffic and lead flow” online.

If you generate enough of this traffic and you website has an attractive/credible design to it, you will convert a lot of these visits in to phone inquiries and web requests for more information about your legal services.

FREE ADVICE from a lead generation expert (not a sales rep) concerning business development (client development) for law firms call (769) 218-6099.