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How lawyers improve their print and yellow page advertising

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

James, How do I improve the response of my print and yellow page advertising?

This is a question I frequently am asked during my law firm marketing consultations with consumer oriented law firms. Although most of the lawyers I am working with are now migrating from the yellow pages to other mediums such as the Web or television I do often run across a firm that is still a “player” in the local phone book directory game.

Since usage for print information and directories is spiraling downward, the point is to make those ads work as hard as possible. Here are a few of the print advertising tips I recommend for my lawyer clients and use when designing their yellow page ads:

  •  Use a headline that asks a question. A effect ad uses a large headline that targets the legal problem the law firm can offer assistance. Include the word “you.” An example might be: “Is your debt spiraling out of control? Do you need a way out?”
  • Get the best results by purchasing ads by area of law and creating ads specifically for those areas of law.
  • If you accept credit cards, then display the credit card logos on your ad along with text such as, “All major credit cards accepted.”
  • Make sure to follow your state bar rules and have your ad designed well in advance for your state bar to have time to review your ad. This will give you time to make any changes for the deadline.
  • Slogan – Always trademark or trademark search any slogan before you use it. Be sure to include the include the words we or you or your. Example: We fight for your rights. This is just a sample. I don’t want to give out our best stuff. Don’t be cheesy.
  • Tracking phone numbers – use them for each book and different ads to measure results.
  • Measure your results and compare with your open case files.
  • Provide your full contact information except for your email address. Trust me on this one!
  • Website in large print with tracking url. People really do look for more information about law firms through their advertising. According to my latest metrics, 28% of yellow page users will visit your website.
  • Call me for a review of your ads.
I hope these few simple tips will be of use for you. Let our company assist you in multiplying the effect of your yellow pages ad or any other print advertising your law office deploys. Click here to contact us