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All lawyers practice law in some form or fashion and, oftentimes, specialize in certain practice areas. A lawyer who specializes in corporate law, for instance, is likely to refer a client with a child custody issue to a lawyer who primarily handles family law matters. You market your firm based upon these practice areas, you attend CLE (continuing legal education) to improve your knowledge in your practice areas, and you gain experience in your area of specialty when you practice law.

Likewise, Lawyer Success, Inc. has areas of specialty which involve lawyer website marketing, legal content writing, lawyer website design, and a host of concepts specific to the field of computer science — protocol, networking, data transfer, application codes, environment, and more. Our team consists of marketing consultants, design engineers, lawyers, and computer scientists to bring you the best lawyer website experience in the business. We’re the experts for your lawyer website.

Computer science and lawyer websites

Our computer scientists, for example, enable Lawyer Success, Inc. and our clients to exist on the cutting-edge of cyber-technology, keeping-up with the latest online trends for effective lawyer website implementation. Did you know that Google’s recent Panda and Caffeine algorithm updates place further emphasis on ranking lawyer websites that offer legal content featuring unique topics and niches, as well as categorizing the relevancy of legal content? Although Google denies that links significantly impact algorithm (and, therefore, your lawyer website rankings), the search engine company has removed “link farms” and stripped their servers of websites that rely primarily on reused or rewritten content in order to conserve space (reportedly recovering 12-percent of their database previously occupied by the alleged “content thieves”).

Search engines use algorithm to evaluate your lawyer website, then place a ranking value on it. If your new website is poorly designed, poorly written, or poorly optimized, your domain is assigned a low value. A lower ranking is problematic in relation to your desire for better search engine rankings. Our computer scientists have a thumb-on-the-pulse of the evolving technology supporting lawyer websites, ensuring that any changes Google and other search engines engineer are seamless for Lawyer Success, Inc. and our clients. The other good news is that our technical experts are available for 24/7-support to answer questions or make updates to your website or blog!

Free, no-obligation strategies from Legal website experts for legal professionals

While that algorithms and rankings look like mumbo-jumbo to you, they’re important to the success of your lawyer website. Lawyer Success, Inc. keeps your legal content relevant and your lawyer website thriving amid the ever-changing climate of the World Wide Web. Maximizing your online presence is what we do. Contact our experienced consultants for Free, no-obligation strategies. We offer Free lawyer website design at absolutely No Risk for you!

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