Free Lawyer Website Design

There are a few firms willing to design your firm a free website. Most of the time it is just a way to lure in prospective clients and then perform the old “bait and switch.” In legitimate cases of free web design, a firm is likely to offer it with standard stipulations such as a long term hosting agreement or upgrade charges for maintenance or search engine optimization. Either of these are considered to be a fair business practice.

However, what is most important to your law firm goals and objectives?

Are they short term or long term goals?

These are very important questions especially if you value your domain name. The reason is simple. Search engines place a value on your website once it has been evaluated by the search engine algorithm. If your new website is poorly designed, written, or optimized your domain will have a low value. This could potentially cause you many problems in the future when you desire better search engine rankings.

Call us for a free law firm website design consultation.

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