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Friday, January 29th, 2010

Are you looking for and experienced lawyer website content writer to develop content for your website, blog or brochures?

A few of us have heard the phrase “Content is King.” For those of us who have not, the phrase is common place within the Internet marketing and search engine optimization industry. Why? The reason is that search engines love fresh content. Actually, let me be more direct. Search engines love websites that are updated with fresh content on a routine basis!

However, like most attorneys, you probably do not have the time to sit in front of the computer and create the content yourself. You may also be uncertain what types of content would be most useful and would draw in the types of cases and client you want for your practice.

To make things even more challenging you may also find that selecting the right law firm website content writer is not as easy as you might expect. What should you look for? What questions should you ask?

The right legal website copy writer needs to possess a higher level of training, timeliness, care and dedication to the attorney client. The top reasons for being selective about which provider you select is because the wrong content on your website could get your firm in trouble with the state bar or could cause you to have to represent a unsavory client because a client-attorney relationship was established.

Here are some of the benefits of adding fresh content to your law firm website that you may have not even known:

1. By adding 1 new page of content to your website, on a daily basis, you will have increased your monthly unique website visits by an average of 2,184 visits.

2. Adding more web content to your website increases effectiveness of the other website pages!

3. Adding quality content will generate links to your website from other sites giving you free publicity and increased search engine rankings.

4. Fresh content will position your website higher in the search engines.

5. Additional web pages is an investment that will pay off for the life of the website. Unlike pay per click, the content you purchase and put on your site keeps paying back month after month for the life of your website.

6. Return on investment is far superior and cheaper than Pay Per Click or Adwords.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire Lawyer Success, inc. for your lawyer website content needs:

1) Our content writers are attorneys with litigation experience and have 10 years in sales and marketing copy writing for lawyers and legal service providers.

Here is some biographical information of our lead content writer/editor:

17 years experience writing and editing legal content for use in litigation, academic and legal marketing settings. Undergraduate Degree: U.C. Berkeley – Graduated Cum Laude with Highest Honors in Political Science and invited by Faculty to write Senior Honor’s Thesis – Law School Case Western Reserve:  Editor Law Review.   Legal advertising content writer for 100s of law firms and 2 leading lawyer marketing companies.

2) Lawyer Success, Inc. has over 11 years experience in search engine optimization. We research the keywords people are actually using in your determined market. We then use a complex array of search engine friendly techniques in the web page copy so that it will appear high in the search results of all major search engines.

3) We also integrate trigger keywords and call to action phraseology to create the urgency for your web visitor to pick up the phone and call you.

4) We offer a wide variety of content writing services like: blog posts, articles for article marketing, frequently asked questions, advertising scripts, sales brochures and scripts for lawyer videos.

5) We write content for the following practice areas of law: Adoption, Aviation, Business, Bankruptcy, Car Accidents, Criminal Defense, Divorce, DUI/DWI, Employment, Estate Planning, Immigration, Insurance, Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Real Estate and Workers Compensation.

6) We write all pages of web content as well. Web pages such as Attorney Biographies, Firm Overview Pages, FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions, Resource Links pages, Contact Pages, Settlement and Verdict Pages, Practice Area Pages, and many other common law firm web pages.

At,  we are not only experienced legal writers with technical legal writing capabilities but our talents are fused with a proper search engine optimization skill set and polished selling skills.  Call us today for a writing sample and tell us what kinds of clients you want to attract to your law firm website or blog. Call (769) 218-6099 or click here to ask a law firm marketing consultant a question.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you add the lawyer website content to my website or blog for me?
Yes. We will need to get some information such as the IP address, user name and passwords. This information should be easily obtained through your website hosting company.

Can you perform search engine optimization on our website to match the content pieces we hire you to create.
Yes. We can add all the necessary keywords into your meta titles, tags, headers, etc for maximum search engine optimization results.

Is the content unique?
Yes. Rewritten or duplicated content that is taken from other websites is unlawful and will not be indexed well in the search engines. All articles, web page copy and blog posts are uniquely drafted for your needs and client development objectives.

Do you offer lawyer article marketing services?
Yes. We offer lawyer article marketing services that is far superior to those of competitors. Why? Because we understand how to modify, optimize and distribute the articles in the most relevant and results oriented way.

Who are your competitors?
There are about 2 other legal-only content writers in this marketplace, however they reuse or recycle content and charge a monthly fee to rent their law firm website content. Most other the other content writers you will find on the Web dabble with other types of industries and are not attorneys. There are many foreign content writers as well. They may charge as little as $10 per article or blog post. However, you get what you pay for. Those articles are often resold over and over again.  The copy we have sampled from many overseas content writers had a tendency to be boring and lackluster. This would likely cause the visitor to lose interest and leave the website.

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Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Free Lawyer Advertising –

Lawyers and law firms: Broadcast journalism evolves in the Internet age

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Lawyers and law firms:Broadcast journalism evolves in the Internet age
Janet Ellen Raasch

Janet Ellen Raasch is a writer, ghostwriter and blogger ( who works closely with professional services providers – especially lawyers, law firms, legal consultants and legal organizations – to help them achieve name recognition and new business through publication of keyword-rich content for the Web and social media sites as well as articles and books for print. She can be reached at (303) 399-5041 or [email protected]

Not so long ago, the term “broadcast journalism” was limited to traditional radio and television news on local and national stations. If a reporter or editor liked your press release or recognized you as an expert on a particular legal area, you might get interviewed for a story. If you (or a potential client) missed the one-time broadcast – you missed it. The airwaves were limited.

Today, broadcast journalism includes not only these traditional media, but also their interactive Web sites and online research capabilities. A broadcast reporter might interview a lawyer as the result of a Google search using certain keywords. The audio or video clip will be available 24/7 on the station’s Web site – coded with an RSS feed that automatically delivers it to searchers around the world. The Internet is unlimited.

In fact, thanks to the Internet, the line between print, radio and television news has become increasingly blurred. Print publications like The Denver Post host audio and video on their Web sites – some of it generated by professionals and some of it by “citizen journalists.” Radio and television station Web sites include not only audio and video podcasts, but also text and photographs.

All of these sites host blogs by their reporters, which can include links to audio and video. All of them offer versions for mobile devices. All of them offer subscriptions via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, email or text message. All of them accept user contributions.

Because of these changes, journalism is no longer the exclusive province of traditional “gatekeeper” publishers and producers. Anyone can get into the game, publishing original content on their own Web sites – including law firm sites and blogs — or on a wide variety of user-populated “content” sites. YouTube, for example, is popular for video. All of this content enhances your search-engine results.

How lawyers and law firms can work with all kinds of broadcast media was discussed by a panel of media experts at the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association ( monthly educational meeting, held Jan. 12 at the Curtis Hotel in Denver.

Panelists included Jessica Roe, program moderator and director of marketing and communications at law firm Kamlet Reichert (; Don Knox, founding editor of Law Week Colorado ( and former business editor at both the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post; Larry Nelson of Talk Radio w3w3 ( and author of a recently published book, Mastering Change; and Kristine Strain, assistant news director at News4 (

Tips from the broadcasters

“Lawyers have always been much more comfortable with print than with broadcast,” said Roe, who is also a coach at She has served as multi-media manager and executive producer at The Denver Post, 9News, and various other stations. “As broadcast becomes more accessible, lawyers will need the skills for this medium.

“Also, be aware that television and video sites are interested in content that is not only newsworthy, but also lends itself to the camera and resonates with a wide audience,” said Roe. “They are not interested in ‘talking heads’. When you contact the broadcast media with a story idea, have an interesting visual in mind and some real people, who have been affected by the story, who are ready and willing to speak to reporters.”

It is also important to honor deadlines. “Print deadlines are tight, but broadcast news deadlines are even tighter,” said Strain. “With an unrelenting schedule of early morning, midday, evening and late-night news shows, reporters must research and write their stories in just a few hours.

The lawyer who follows breaking news, is knowledgeable in a legal subject area, can tie the two together in a good sound-bite, and makes him- or herself available to a reporter on short notice will always be popular with the local broadcast media.

“The 10 p.m. news broadcast has the most viewers but is the most difficult to prepare for,” said Strain. “Reporters on this shift get their assignments at 1:30 or 2 p.m. If you leave the office at 5 or 6 p.m., that leaves a very narrow window for reporters to reach you at your work number or location. Make sure that reporters have your cell and home phone numbers. Be willing to do the interview on your front porch.”

Do not expect payment for your time and expertise. “Commenting on radio or TV is not something a lawyer or other expert does to make money,” said Strain, “especially in the current economic climate. You do it for marketing purposes – to establish yourself as an expert in a particular field.”

Jump into the pool

Panel participants expressed a common interest in deepening their pool of legal experts – especially for stories with a criminal, business or political angle. “Let us know what you are good at and would be willing to discuss,” said Knox. “That said, we are pretty good at finding a legal angle to almost any story.”

When news is breaking, it helps to be on-site. “When Najibullah Zazi was in the federal courthouse, there were many, many reporters waiting outside for hours in the frigid weather,” said Knox. “Local lawyer and broadcast media commentator Craig Silverman braved the weather to join them and, as a result, ended up doing a lot of interviews.

“Another tip is to participate in the federal Criminal Justice Act panel,” said Knox. “You don’t get paid much for the assigned cases, but they tend to be quite newsworthy.”

Law Week Colorado is a good example of how print media are expanding into broadcast. The weekly print version is complemented by a daily online version, which includes video reports as well as text articles. “We’ve just hired our first full-time broadcast journalist to create content for Law Week as well as our broadcast arm, State Bill Colorado (,” said Knox.

News media of all types also rely heavily on social media for story ideas and research purposes. “For example, we have set up Twitter searches for every state senator, representative and staff member,” said Knox. “If they tweet about breaking news or someone tweets about them, we find out immediately and follow up on the story.

“We often use social networks to find sources for our print and video content,” said Knox. “If you do not have a robust social media presence, we won’t find you.”

Another broadcast alternative is w3w3 Talk Radio, “Colorado’s Voice of the Technology Community,” which offers online interviews and speeches organized into 15 different topic channels – including a law channel featuring local lawyers.

“Our model is completely different from those presented by others on this panel,” said Nelson. “We focus on in-depth treatment of business trends rather than ‘breaking news’ – so our work is not driven by deadlines. We archive these interviews as a valuable resource. If you come to us with a good story idea that will benefit our listeners, long or short, we will record the interview and run it.”

Panelists agreed on the importance of trust between lawyers (and their media relations specialists) and reporters. If necessary, test the relationship with smaller, less-important confidences before proceeding with more-sensitive stories. “We are not out to get you,” said Strain. “Almost always, we are able to respect confidentiality. It is not in our best interest to disrespect a trusted, long-term source just for the sake of a one-time story.”

Click the following link to have your questions answered by a Law Firm Marketing Consultant or call Lawyer Success, Inc. at (769) 218-6099.

Increase Website Conversion Rates – Advice for Lawyers and Law Firms

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

How often do you call your law firm to see how potential or existing clients are treated by your receptionist?

Do you ask friends and family to to call to evaluate the way the phone is answered?

If you are like most law firms you don’t and that is a huge mistake that is costing you money everyday.  I will cover in this article about increasing website conversion rates from lawyer websites and advertising. In today’s world of instant gratification, you must follow the basic rules of lawyer sales. All phone inquiries are handled like they are the most important client ever to your law firm. All calls should be handled with care, interest and efficient response. Otherwise you are just throwing away money on your advertising.

Real World Case Study
Today I received a call from one of our law firm SEO and Internet marketing clients in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
He was really excited about the performance of his services from our company, Lawyer Success, Inc. He had signed up a few personal injury cases already within the first few weeks of 2010 and he was providing me with some feedback about his most recent sign up.

He stated that the the new client is a real estate agent that works about a mile away.  He used Google; one firm came up first (he doesn’t remember the name).  He got a less than enthusiastic response from the first firm’s  receptionist when he called, so he hung up and called me next.  My wife happened to be here, answered the phone, and he liked her.

There are three things to take away from this case study. First, you need to be listed or ranked in the top 3 searches for a wide variety of search phrases. Second, the initial impression is the lasting impression. Lastly, have an attorney ready to discuss the claim with the client. If you can’t do that, then you mind as well have an answering machine.

Create a Plan

  1. – Embrace new technology! Google Voice, Blackberry or PDA phones, etc…
  2. – Turn your receptionist into a skilled sales person. Purchase a CRM for all your leads for follow ups, letters, etc. Keep details, call history, notes, keep following up on those leads! You and your receptionist should be experts with a CRM. Sales should be your receptionists core responsibility. They should be in charge of keeping a list of open leads, perform return calls until they speak with prospective client, keep notes of all calls and emails, and should close out dead leads and have a reason why they were lost.
  3. – Think user experience and ultimate customer service!
  4. – Create a mission statement and post it in the receptionist area.
  5. – Create a script for your receptionist to follow.
  6. – Train them on the value of being friendly, respectful, courteous and helpful.
  7. – Advise the receptionist that their performance review will be rated on their greeting and helpfulness with phone calls.
  8. – Set up and use instant messaging in your office so you can be notified if a prospective client is on the phone so you can take the call or end a phone call to speak to the prospective client.
  9. – Always have the ability to forward calls to your cell phone. So if you are out of the office or for after hours you receive the calls. Also, so that the receptionist can have the ability to forward a call to you and be able tell the potential client that they are being forwarded to your personal cell phone.
  10. – Review your caller ID everyday. Have your receptionist cal any number on caller ID if a message was not left. If appropriate.
  11. – Have a plan for every situation – What to do when no attorneys available to talk to the prospective clients? What do you say when you answer the phone? Etc.
  12. – Never have your receptionist put someone on hold to see if you are available only to have them take a message. You will lose the lead.
  13. – Never let the phone ring more than two rings. Period.
  14. – Create a better voice mail message. Be professional but friendly. Tell potential clients that your phone message is important and will be returned momentarily (as you should be able to do with technology). Always leave a phone number, email or simple web address on your answering machine for new clients to reach you. I use a separate email and cell phone number for this purpose only. Lastly, sell yourself (ethically of course). Our voice mail really sizzles and really lets people know that we are the best choice and we WILL return your call momentarily
There is a lot more to cover and I strongly urge you to hire Lawyer Success, Inc. to help you obtain the technology, training, customized phone scripts, and consulting to increase website conversion rates on law firm websites and all other forms of advertising.
Why Call Us?
James Greenier is the founder and CEO of Lawyer Success, Inc. He has personally worked on 7 of the top 10 most trafficked legal websites on the Internet. He has consulted over 3,500 law firms about search engine optimizaiton (SEO) and Internet lead generation technology since 2000. He has been in legal sales for over 10 years and has helped numerous clients with best practices learned from his own professional experience and from best practices from each of the 3,500 law firms he has consulted.
Have a question? Click “Ask the Law Firm Consultant” or call us today at (768) 218-6099.

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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Law Firm SEO and Internet Marketing Results!

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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

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Connecticut Ethics Complaint Filed Against TotalAttorneys Dismissed

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Connecticut Ethics Complaint FIled Against TotalAttorneys and Particiating Attorneys Dismissed.

Connecticut dismissed the case pending against 5 attorneys who purchased lead generation services from Total Attorneys, Inc. The state claimed that attorneys who participated in the pay per lead program offered by TotalAttorneys was actually a pay for referrals program. Attorneys in Connecticut and in 46 other states within the United States are barred by law from paying for referrals. The charge is a felony offense in the state of Connecticut.

All the attorneys that were named as defendants were cleared by the Statewide Grievance Committee. There were no further dismissals in the case but it seems likely that the other Connecticut attorneys that we named in the complaint will be cleared as well.

There were no specific details in the summary decision to dismiss the case as to why the defendants’ case and charges were dropped as of yet. A full decision is expected to be made public in the next few weeks. No comments from the committee have been released.

At this time, the state of Connecticut is the only state to hold any formal hearings on the matter of pay per lead services and advertising for attorneys. 47 states have received complaints about the participation of attorney pay per lead programs but none have taken any action.

The opinions of the attorneys who were named in the complaint have stated that the service is simply lawyer advertising and that they are not paying for referrals but rather paying for advertising that generates new client intakes.

The company TotalAttorneys manages and owns several web site for different areas of law such as bankruptcy, divorce, and dui.  Each site works independently but operates in like fashion. Lawyers can sign up to pay around $70 for leads generated through the web sites based on practice area and city. The contact information is submitted by the web site user and then delivered to the attorneys who are participating.

Lawyer Success, Inc. Reaction:

This is a slippery slope in our opinion. TotalAttorneys doesn’t appear to be charging attorneys for referrals as long as they continue to operate in their current form. The definition of a referral is when a client or patient is recommend from one professional service provider to another professional service provider with or without compensation. Does TotalAttorneys make a referral. In the case of website submission forms we believe the answer is no. We also believe that TotalAttorneys sends the leads to more than one law firm which really does not fit with the technical definition of a referral.

Click here to see Lawyer Pay Per Call costs for your law firm.

Car Accident Pay Per Call – Ac…

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Car Accident Pay Per Call – Accident Attorney Leads – Auto Accident Lawyer Lead Generation