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Lawyer Web Design Tips

In this article I will provide a few of the effective lawyer web design tips that I use to increase the effectiveness of my clients web sites.

1. Limit the number of pictures you use on your home page.
2. Reduce the amount of text on your home page.
3. Use attorney photos on the home page.
4. Avoid using bright colors such as red or yellow.
5. Provide helpful content that focuses on the needs of your clients.

1. Limit the Number of Picture You Use on Your Home Page
Having too many photos on your web site can harm the download speed of your web site. That could cause many of your web visitors to lose interest and leave your web site. The other problem with using too many pictures can weaken the search engine ranking of your web site.

2. Reduce the Amount of Text on Your Home Page
Many search engine optimizers will mislead you into thinking your home page should contain an enormous amount of keyword enriched content and related links. Although this can make some slight improvement in search engine rankings, the lack of overall performance of these content heavyweights far outweighs any search engine benefits.

3. Use Attorney Photos on the Home Page
Legal issues are serious and personal. It is advisable to use photos of staff attorneys on the home page. In one of our recent polls of Internet users, a majority of those people preferred those lawyer web designs that had a more personalized look and feel to them.

4. Avoid Using Bright Colors Such as Red or Yellow
According to many scientific studies, bright colors such as reds and yellows have a biological effect on the eyes. These colors can also limit the ability of the brain to hold it's concentration.

5. Provide Plenty of Helpful Content
The Internet is a research tool. The reason why many of our clients have success with their Internet web presence is because we focus on providing content that focuses on the web visitors legal needs. The goal isn't to help the web site visitor act as their own lawyer, but to help them understand the extent of their legal situation.

These lawyer web design tips are provided by the law firm web design firm

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