Understanding Homepage Real Estate

You may question just how much space you should allocate to your valuable homepage real estate and it is certainly a valid concern. Research shows that corporate homepages are truly the most valuable space in the Internet world, yet much of this valuable real estate is very inefficiently allocated. The homepage of your firm’s website must immediately give your potential clients the valuable information they need while offering the highest level of navigation for what they will find on your other pages. The purpose of your firm as well as how you can help your potential client solve his or her current problem in the most efficient manner should be readily apparent. Using your log and tagline efficiently are the first things to consider then there should be a warm welcome for your users.

Why is the Homepage Important?

The homepage is the page which is most indexed by the search engines, and overall sets the entire tone and theme for your firm’s website. Additionally, the homepage serves as an orientation of sorts to your users, letting them know they’ve landed in the right place and that your firm offers exactly what they need at this very moment. Consider your homepage as a sort of “funnel,” which can first welcome your user and let them know they are at the right place, then efficiently direct them to where they need to be next.

Your homepage offers a preview of the services your firm provides, not a comprehensive index. In other words, think of your homepage as a sort of “teaser,” which, while not offering the entire range of your services, does give them a tantalizing taste of your firm. You don’t want to overwhelm your reader by slamming them with information, rather strive to sprinkle your benefits and related keywords throughout the site.

Use Your Links Wisely and Create a Clear Navigation

Remembering the funnel which directs your users deeper into your site depending on their specific needs try linking only your main sections from your homepage then provide further links from the main sections. Presenting your user with a plethora of links on your homepage can send them running to a less overpowering site. When presenting the copy on your homepage, try to imagine you are addressing one single ideal client.


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