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What is Lawyer Website Design?

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The objective of a lawyer website is to attract prospective clients to your webpage, then compel them to linger over the content and to ultimately contact your office. Graphical appearance, color, and layout are all important elements of any website design. The thing that distinguishes lawyer website design from that of a retailer website, for example, is content. Retailers are marketing goods, while lawyers are marketing services. Content separates goods from services, and retailers from lawyers. Content is the substantive basis for marketing a lawyer website, while design compliments the content.

At LawyerSuccess, Inc., we have the skill-set to create a custom-designed lawyer website from scratch. We can design your lawyer website based-on the features, design elements, and colors you prefer. If something has caught-your-eye on one, or even several other websites, our team can integrate many of those elements into your own lawyer website design. We can also incorporate the design of your existing or future lawyer website into a WordPress blog — achieving a seamless result. In other words, your blog pages and lawyer website have the same look and feel when a prospective client is navigating between the two sites.

Engaging the lawyer website services of LawyerSuccess, Inc. has many distinct advantages:

  • Custom DesignLawyerSuccess, Inc. meets with you first, then designs your website before you are asked to sign a contract or pay a deposit. We guarantee you’ll love the customized lawyer website design we create for you. No risk, just results!
  • Content ManagementLawyerSuccess, Inc. makes sure your lawyer website and optional web blog are accessible via your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone. This access enables you to add content, edit web pages, format content, add articles, blog posts, videos, audio and much more!
  • Programming assistanceLawyer Success, Inc. teaches you how to perform the simple functions of programming your lawyer website; or, we can do it for you at no extra cost!
  • SEO (search engine optimization)LawyerSuccess, Inc. maximizes the number of visitors to your website using SEO content to ensure that your results remain high on the search list returned by Google. An example of an SEO phrase is “lawyer website design,” utilized by LawyerSuccess, Inc., on the page you are currently viewing — which clearly brought us an excellent result with your visit to our website! SEO language is garnered from Internet research that ranks websites based upon keyword usage. The goal is to keep the SEO simple and likely.
  • Top rankingsLawyerSuccess, Inc. knows that Google and other search engines love blogs. The reason is that blogs are easy to spider (e.g., to seek-out and index information online), they offer fast upload times, RSS (really simple syndication) capabilities, commenting, and the constant fresh content that is both relevant and resourceful.
  • 24/7-supportLawyerSuccess, Inc. is best in class for client support, and answering your questions or making updates to your lawyer website or blog. Our experts are available around-the-clock, which can be pretty handy if you’ve spent a late evening preparing for trial, but wanted to post something pressing before the next day.

No risk lawyer website design

There is absolutely No Risk for trying our service. When you call Lawyer Success, Inc., ask us about the No Risk lawyer website design offer. This means, if you do not like the design we put together — you do not pay!

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