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Lawyer Website Design Tips

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Your online brand is the calling card that separates the real lawyers from the wannabes. It’s important for your online presence to reflect the professional image that you project in your own practice. A generic website says little more than that you exist and that you might be a good lawyer — or you might not? Custom lawyer website designs enable prospective clients to differentiate between the two. They readily identify your brand. The landing page and legal content within your lawyer website resonates with prospective clients getting them offline and on your appointment calendar.

Lawyer Success, Inc. designs a custom lawyer website to showcase your practice areas, curriculum vitae, location, client service venues, and more. We meet with you first, then design your custom lawyer website — before asking you to sign a contract or pay a deposit. We guarantee you’ll love the results! Our designs are based upon your preferences, rather than being limited to a specific set of design skills. Our work is proprietary; therefore, we don’t display sample lawyer website designs on our pages because we prefer not to share our trade secrets with our competitors — or yours (for reasons similar to the fact that you don’t draft legal forms and post them online). However, happy clients make for great testimonials and we do feature a few of their lawyer websites on our pages, which speak to our talent and client satisfaction level.

Getting your lawyer website noticed – in a positive way — is critical to your practice, and it just happens to be what we do best! Accomplishing this requires:

  • Reader satisfaction. The layout of headers, indentations, and whitespace is essential. In fact, reading comprehension for prospective clients increases by nearly 20-percent when white space is left between the paragraphs and in the left and right margins.
  • Black vs. Blue. Despite the fact that black lines have higher visual contrast, prospective clients find blue easier to click.
  • Icons vs. Links. In navigating your lawyer website, prospective clients prefer links to icons when given a choice.
  • Labels. Prospective clients tend to read more copy and browse longer when they find prominent navigation options and clear labels on a lawyer website.
  • Perception driven choice. The ultimate decision of a prospective client to choose you to be his (or her) legal counsel can easily be driven by perceived security, privacy, quality of content, and design. Your lawyer website is their first impression of your brand. Make it a good one — customization makes you stand out!

Simplify to save time and money

Our job is to simplify your role in the custom design of your lawyer website. We not only save you time, but Lawyer Success, Inc. also helps you generate leads to convert more web-based client business than any other lawyer-specialty marketing solution firm. Personalized project management and free lawyer website design sets us apart from our competitors, and ensures a World Class Web-presence for you at NO Risk!

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Free Lawyer Website Design

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

There are a few firms willing to design your firm a free website. Most of the time it is just a way to lure in prospective clients and then perform the old “bait and switch.” In legitimate cases of free web design, a firm is likely to offer it with standard stipulations such as a long term hosting agreement or upgrade charges for maintenance or search engine optimization. Either of these are considered to be a fair business practice.

However, what is most important to your law firm goals and objectives?

Are they short term or long term goals?

These are very important questions especially if you value your domain name. The reason is simple. Search engines place a value on your website once it has been evaluated by the search engine algorithm. If your new website is poorly designed, written, or optimized your domain will have a low value. This could potentially cause you many problems in the future when you desire better search engine rankings.

Call us for a free law firm website design consultation.

Practice Specific Lawyer Websites

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Practice Specific Websites

My clients often ask the very same question. “James, how do I get to the top of the search results.”

The answer is: give the search engines what they want. Relevant Content! That is why many of my clients are choosing to go with practice specific websites versus building a massive law firm website. It makes complete sense considering Google rates your website according to the overall relevancy of your website.

A 50 page website that offers content specifically about Missouri Car Accidents will always out rank a general Missouri law firm website in Car Accident search results. This technique is becoming very hot and my recomendation is that your firm jump on this practice specific website development to get a jump on the other firms in your area.