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Creative Ways to Promote Your New Legal Blog

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

When launching a new business blog there are many ways to promote it, some more apparent than others. The following are some helpful tips to get you going. Lets get started with the more obvious tips. Here is a checklist of those you should consider implementing first:

• Syndicate your blog content, i.e. your Twitter page.

• Link your blog to your other personal social media accounts, i.e. your Facebook page.

• Link your blog to your professional social media accounts, i.e. your LinkedIn profile.

• Consider submitting your blog to blog directories.

• Write and post a social media press release for your new blog.

• Announce the launch of your blog via your email contact list.

 The following suggestions are less obvious:

• Use offline marketing. Ask both new and existing clients to promote your new blog to their contacts. Give your clients an incentive to promote your new blog by rewarding them if they do.

 • Use video to promote your blog. Create a video about your blog and post it on you YouTube, your page Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also send the video link to your email contacts.

 • Utilize experts and guest speakers. It’s always a great idea to feature other people on your blog. Create an interview series with focused content that features experts and credible speakers. Invite interesting, relevant people to participate in interviews and discussion that ask creative and insightful questions.

 • Link to other blogs in areas of similar subject matter. Commenting and sharing outside blog content, form other blogs, can provide insight and create interest in your blog in the minds of other readers. More importantly, they help to develop a network of links and associations.

 • Engage in guest posting. There are two aspects to consider when doing this–inviting others to guest post on your blog and offering to post on others’ blogs. There are benefits to both in terms of generating visibility for your own blog and business. Links and associations will support your blog launch undoubtedly.

 • Consider hosting a webinar. A webinar resembles a live video chat. You can create a webinar or to launch your blog into the blogosphere, rather than simply introducing your blog in a more conventional way, for example, and email blast. You can also post content to your blog utilizing a webinar as another way to keep things fresh for your audience.

 • Create a theme of special reports. Providing viewers additional access to information and topics already covered in your blog, can be a great way to maintain reader interest. For example, by releasing a extended material in the form of a PDF memo or video tutorial on your blog. Although the additional information may be valuable in its own right, it also acts as a source of credibility for you amongst your viewers, due to your commitment and intent to expand and educate others on interesting and relevant topics associated with your field of work, by presenting specific subject matter in greater detail. It’s also a great way to attract long-term subscribers.

 • Advertise Your Site. Create greater awareness of your new business blog by advertising on Craigslist, Facebook, and other forms of social media that allow for cross marketing. Although this may require an outside budget, it can be highly lucrative with generating traffic to your site.

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Turning Your Legal Blog into a Rainmaker 24/7

Monday, December 6th, 2010

If you have been an attorney for any length of time, you are probably very familiar with the term “rainmaker” as well as understanding exactly what it takes to be a rainmaker in the legal profession (profile the ideal client, develop a strategy, identify what clients need, ask for client’s opinions and make them feel like part of the team, communicate effectively, ask open-ended questions, listen to the answer, attend trade shows your clients might attend, etc. etc.) Perhaps you haven’t really considered, however, in our new digital age, how to be a successful rainmaker online. It has been theorized that twenty percent of legal firm lawyers bring in 80 percent of the business. With the Internet and social media rapidly turning into the primary path for people to find lawyers and legal information, the ability to “make it rain,” in your online presence, can be a mighty ability indeed.

The Importance of Your Brand

Although you may not even realize it, the most effective brands on television are not wishy-washy about what they do—we all know that Snickers satisfies, right? Many attorneys attempt to be all things to all people, which, if your firm really can practice every single type of law, good for you. But, even if it happens to be true, advertising your firm as a jack-of-all-trades can make it next to impossible to get quality online attention. Find your specific niche, then go after it, remember the rule of online marketing which is to market specifically, but practice broadly. Who is your ideal client? Answer that question, then go after that ideal client through your online presence, (website, social media), with a vengeance.

Your Online Profile—More Critical Than You Think

You probably already know this, but the legal world is unbelievably competitive, and, really, most people just don’t want to hire an attorney. What they do want to hire is someone they can trust and respect, both as their legal counsel and as a human being. If you are being diligent about maintaining an active online presence in the world of social media, you are promoting personal relationships with the people who will be your future clients and refer you to others—after all, isn’t that the whole idea of rainmaking? Building your online presence can include following and “friending” other people, then creating the most useful, high-quality content which your own followers will find applicable to their particular legal situations. Reading and commenting on content created by others is nearly as useful, although it will take time and energy on your part.

Ensure the Content You Create is Extremely Targeted

You are an attorney, thus a professional; you know important and serious things, and you write about issues which have value and importance to others. If you make sure your online content is created with your ideal client in mind, social medial will allow you to spread that content virally, making sure it will be passed over time and time again. When considering legal issues, the consumer generally wants to read something like “Seven Tips To Remember When Choosing a Criminal Lawyer,” or “How to Budget for Your Pending Litigation;” in other words, they want well-organized lists which gives them something solid and real to take away.

Try Moving Your Social Media Online Conversations Offline

If you happen to engage with somebody interesting online, what should you do next? Exactly what you would do if a particularly interesting client was in your lobby, and you struck up a conversation. Set up a phone call, breakfast, or lunch to enable you to get to know them better in the “real world.” Online connections are fun, sure, but it’s the offline connections that lead to business, which in turn leads to revenue.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up….

If you don’t already have a legal newsletter—get one. The monthly information you send to your connections can be invaluable in your quest for repeated contacts. Those who know about the rule of sales are aware that it generally takes seven points of contact before a person is ready to buy your goods or services. Social media allows you to pass along articles, comment on activities which your potential clients may be involved in, or just maintain friendships. Try to make sure your overall legal marketing plan is always hovering in the background of your mind so that your social media can fit into it nicely. Take the time to help others and offer advice when you are online, and it will come back to you many times over. If you praise the work of others, it is likely you will get praise back. Even online, the golden rule is alive and well….and extremely applicable in the context of social media.

Becoming a Rainmaker through social media is a process, and the process will not work for you if you only log in once a month. Do your best to spend at least twenty minutes per day building your online presence; set measurable goals and follow up, and the rain will surely come.

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