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Ensure Your Law Firm is Visible on the Internet

Monday, April 8th, 2013

While the Internet may not be the proverbial “final frontier,” it has garnered a prominent place in practically every American household over a relatively short couple of decades. If you’re a recent law school grad, chances are you took a course specific to lawyer websites. Seasoned lawyers may have completed a CLE (continuing legal education) course on the topic somewhere along the way – or not. Regardless of how well-versed you may or may not be on the subject of lawyer websites, the fact remains that many prospective clients now consult the web when choosing a lawyer to handle their legal matters. Visibility on the Internet has become crucial to lawyers looking to build — or maintain — a clientele.

More web-based business for you

LawyerSuccess, Inc. can help you generate and convert more web-based business for you than any other lawyer-specific web designer on the market:

  • User-friendlyLawyerSuccess, Inc. designs clutter-free lawyer websites that provide easy to locate menus with links to practice pages, FAQs, attorney profiles, Google location maps, your contact information, and provides a link back to the homepage from each page on your lawyer website. User-friendly also means there is a flow and rhythm throughout your lawyer website that encourages the prospective client to keep reading the content as they navigate your site and to, then, contact your office.
  • BrandingLawyer Success, Inc. understands that your brand is the focal point of lawyer website design.  Your brand is unique and marketable, starting with your good name and extending to what you do. Branding is especially important to lawyers whose reputation, professional ethics, and areas of practice are pivotal their life’s work. Our job is to make your brand highly visible online to increase the number of clients in your office, and enable you to corner the market in your particular specialty or locale.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – Lawyer Success, Inc. maximizes your lawyer website exposure and raises the rank through the use of SEO keywords. Our team provides analysis of search terms relevant to lawyer websites, then optimizes your Google ranking by incorporating these terms within your legal website content. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of visits by prospective clients to your lawyer website and to your office. In other words, we make you easy to find online.
  • Social networkingLawyerSuccess, Inc. makes your lawyer website and blog site compatible with social networking sites. Social networking is to the Internet, what word-of-mouth is to a small town: free advertising (although paid advertising is available). Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are the most popular social networks, although there are hundreds of others online. You can upload, post, and edit legal content to the social networking accounts linked to your lawyer website via your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone.

Optimize your online visibility

The Internet’s rapid growth and popularity makes staking your claim on the World Wide Web paramount. Branding your own cyber-turf via a lawyer website is the 21st-century way of bringing prospective clients to your office doorstep. We have the tools to build your business. Designing lawyer websites that are aesthetically pleasing, yet practical and functional, is what we do. Let LawyerSuccess, Inc. help grow your brand. Please call and ask for our No Risk lawyer website design offer – you don’t pay until our design is consistent with your vision!

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