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How to Build an Interactive Blog

Friday, November 15th, 2013

By its very nature, blogging is conversational in nature; unlike websites which typically offer unchanging copy, blogs are more like journals detailing a particular topic, continually updated by the author. An interactive blog goes even a step further than a “regular” blog in that it allows visitors to the site the opportunity to add their own feelings and ideas about the topic. If you write in a manner which invites others to add their own comments to your site you will end up with a more dynamic blog. You can’t simply expect others to comment without a little prompting from you. Aside from having a comments link, you can add a comments widget as well as asking readers within the blog itself to comment afterwards. A good place to add your request for comments is in the final paragraph, making it a call to action inviting comments.

Ask Questions to Get Comments

If you want others to comment on your blog, ask questions. Asking a question in the title of the blog is a good way to get additional comments. If your blog is titled “Are Younger Doctors More Compassionate?” then after reading your blog your readers are likely to either dispute your findings or agree with you, adding in their own insights and feelings. You can add a forum to your blog which extends the comments section and allows your readers to communicate with one another as well as with you. When the readers are answering your title question, they have more opportunity to interact with one another.

Leave Some Things Unsaid

If you cover a topic so thoroughly there is no room for your readers to add their opinions you will have severely limited the interactivity of your blog. Cover your subject, but leave at least a few things unwritten. This gives your readers room to respond to your blog by adding their own feelings and opinions. Don’t forget that if you are not willing to use your comment blog others may not be either. Once there are comments left, make sure you reply to those comments or you will leave the impression that your readers’ comments are not important. Interactivity includes you, the blog owner, so interact with your readers to the fullest extent.

Show Your True Self

Readers are most likely to respond to personal tidbits about you which show your human weaknesses or failings. For instance, married people want to read about the marriage problems of others in order to determine whether their own marriage is “normal.” Be humble and allow your readers to gain some insight into your life or your personality. Once they have a personal connection with you, readers are much more likely to continue to follow your blog. This doesn’t mean you can’t be controversial from time to time, simply because your readers now “know” you, however controversy brings risk so be aware. If you decide to use controversy to increase the interactivity of your blog, establish boundaries as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable or you could end up with constant squabbling.

Encourage Others to Comment

When a particularly good blog comment comes along, highlight it in your next blog. This encourages others to continue to comment in hopes their own comments could be highlighted in a future blog. Don’t forget that you are the person who will set the tone for your blog; if you continuously write ranting posts, you can expect to receive rants in your comment section. If your tone is inclusive your readers are more likely to respond in kind when they comment. If you are having trouble getting readers to comment at all, include a survey regarding a particular topic of interest. In the end, exercise patience and your blog will be well on its way to interactivity.

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