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Creative Ways to Promote Your New Legal Blog

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

When launching a new business blog there are many ways to promote it, some more apparent than others. The following are some helpful tips to get you going. Lets get started with the more obvious tips. Here is a checklist of those you should consider implementing first:

• Syndicate your blog content, i.e. your Twitter page.

• Link your blog to your other personal social media accounts, i.e. your Facebook page.

• Link your blog to your professional social media accounts, i.e. your LinkedIn profile.

• Consider submitting your blog to blog directories.

• Write and post a social media press release for your new blog.

• Announce the launch of your blog via your email contact list.

 The following suggestions are less obvious:

• Use offline marketing. Ask both new and existing clients to promote your new blog to their contacts. Give your clients an incentive to promote your new blog by rewarding them if they do.

 • Use video to promote your blog. Create a video about your blog and post it on you YouTube, your page Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also send the video link to your email contacts.

 • Utilize experts and guest speakers. It’s always a great idea to feature other people on your blog. Create an interview series with focused content that features experts and credible speakers. Invite interesting, relevant people to participate in interviews and discussion that ask creative and insightful questions.

 • Link to other blogs in areas of similar subject matter. Commenting and sharing outside blog content, form other blogs, can provide insight and create interest in your blog in the minds of other readers. More importantly, they help to develop a network of links and associations.

 • Engage in guest posting. There are two aspects to consider when doing this–inviting others to guest post on your blog and offering to post on others’ blogs. There are benefits to both in terms of generating visibility for your own blog and business. Links and associations will support your blog launch undoubtedly.

 • Consider hosting a webinar. A webinar resembles a live video chat. You can create a webinar or to launch your blog into the blogosphere, rather than simply introducing your blog in a more conventional way, for example, and email blast. You can also post content to your blog utilizing a webinar as another way to keep things fresh for your audience.

 • Create a theme of special reports. Providing viewers additional access to information and topics already covered in your blog, can be a great way to maintain reader interest. For example, by releasing a extended material in the form of a PDF memo or video tutorial on your blog. Although the additional information may be valuable in its own right, it also acts as a source of credibility for you amongst your viewers, due to your commitment and intent to expand and educate others on interesting and relevant topics associated with your field of work, by presenting specific subject matter in greater detail. It’s also a great way to attract long-term subscribers.

 • Advertise Your Site. Create greater awareness of your new business blog by advertising on Craigslist, Facebook, and other forms of social media that allow for cross marketing. Although this may require an outside budget, it can be highly lucrative with generating traffic to your site.

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