Maximum ROI Through the Use of Keywords

Every business owner seeks the maximum return on investment, and online businesses are no exception. Unfortunately, many online business owners are not fully cognizant of just how important using the right keywords is to your success. Keywords and keyword phrases will be used in the copy on your website, in your headings, in your meta tags, in your titles, and on your online advertisements, newsletters and blog postings. Searchers who are looking for a product or service you offer will enter a word–or multiple words—into their favorite search engine. In an ideal world, this simple entering of keywords would send traffic pouring into your site. In the real world, however, there are millions of sites, many of whom are selling the same product or service as you—and using the same generic keyword(s).

Finding the Perfect Keywords

What you will be trying to do is modify these highly popular, yet generic keywords, turning them into a keyword phrase that is less well-known, and has less competition from competing sites. By using such targeted, specific keywords, you are dramatically increasing your potential for highly targeted traffic—and targeted traffic brings conversions which bring a higher return of investment for your business. Even if you have the highest-quality content, but have neglected to use any of your chosen keywords, then it is unlikely your customers will be able to find you, and a pretty sure bet your site will eventually flounder and fail.

The Three Tiers of Keywords

Your first tier keywords are generally the shortest keywords, but also the broadest keywords that people would associate with your product or service. Suppose you sell fine sable hair paint brushes. Your broad tier or first tier keyword will be paintbrushes or painting equipment. The second tier keywords are more focused and typically will come as a phrase or term. In the example of paintbrushes above, your second tier keywords could include sable hair paintbrushes, or fine paintbrushes. Your final keyword tier will consist of highly focused, very specific keywords such as Siberian sable watercolor paintbrushes.

This tier is generally considered the “money tier,” as they will bring you the most targeted traffic, meaning the most conversions. As you can see, the keyword “paintbrush” will bring a vast number of people who have absolutely no interest in fine sable hair paintbrushes to paint watercolors. You would also get the do-it-yourself homeowner who simply wanted a cheap, serviceable paintbrush to paint the house with. This type of traffic is exactly what you don’t want, as it will run your bounce rate up in no time at all. Your goal, then, is to use your second and third tier keywords in a specific manner throughout your site.

Think Like a Customer

Because you are so involved in your own business, it may be extremely difficult to step outside your head and look at your site from a customer’s point of view. Ask a friend or family member how they would search for your business, and you might be surprised at the keywords they would use. Visit some of your competitor’s sites—the successful ones—and see what keywords they are getting their traffic from. A branded keyword will include some unique aspect of your business or your business name. Branded keywords can generate highly targeted traffic—and a high ROI—since nobody else will be using them, however you must ensure they are not so branded that nobody would ever think to use them in their search. Choosing the right keywords for the highest ROI is not especially difficult, and can be done rather quickly once you’ve gained an understanding of keyword basics.


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