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Social Networking for Lawyers Including Facebook and LinkedIn

Monday, June 14th, 2010

There is an absolute myriad of information available on the internet. People from every inch of the world have a literal web of information available at the push of a button. Therefore, you must introduce YOUR particular information as quickly and as professionally as possible in order to run far ahead of the pack. One key way to go about presenting the favorable information that you want to be known for is through social networking.

Social networking sites, such as Linkeden and Facebook, are very powerful tools when it comes to marketing your legal practice. There are also social networking sites available to lawyers and lawyers alone. Social networking can make a large firm seem small and personable and an individual seem larger than life. The best possible way to go about designing and maintaining a successful social networking site is to have a lawyer website designer tend to the details of making the perfect lawyer website design. You may be a professional when it comes to law, but the niche of lawyer website design is the profession of lawyer website designers. These are the individuals that could literally make you or break you in the world of social networking.

Also a very cost effective marketing plan, lawyer website designers can spread your practices key qualities amongst an abundance of social networking sites. Your name will be popping up on search engines everywhere, one click leading to a virtual treasure trove of information on your law practice. A sort of amped up directory, lawyer website designers can tweak your listing to be so much more than a simple address and telephone number. You can provide reviews, testimonials, awards, basically anything that you would find as desirable to be known to the public, to be known for.

Another benefit of social networking is the ability to find people that can help you. For example, searches can be done for potential new business and also for business that provide services to legal practices. Jobs can be found as can new hires.

Social networking is beneficial to lawyers in so many ways. A dynamic lawyer website designer with a clear vision of a supreme lawyer website design is detrimental to your practices future. A skillful designer partnered with an unmitigated lawyer could prove to be virtually unstoppable. A successful social networking site could prove to be ultimately the wisest decision you could make to boost your business’ notoriety.

Call Lawyer Success, Inc. at (769) 218-6099 if you would like a free consultation regarding social networking marketing and strategic planning.

Ways That Lawyer Web Videos Can Hurt Your Client Development

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

If you are planning on putting a website video on your law firm’s website than you should avoid the following mistakes.  If not, you may be turning potential clients away from your law firm.

1. Does your lawyer video look like a B-rated horror movie? Details are everything and first impressions are lasting impressions. Lighting, picture quality,  and sound quality give instant sense of your credibility, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

2. Not building trust or selling you. Video is all about personality and making a personal connection. Allow yourself to be you. Speak clearly and memorize your pitch instead of trying to read a script. Allow your personality to shine through. Point out you main strengths and point of difference.

3. Not creating videos for different practice area pages. Creating relevant videos is a very good way to increase your credibility, showcase your experience, and address the potential clients’ issue directly. We usually create a home page video, attorney profile videos and practice specific videos for optimal results.

Let’s not forget that web video can be optimized for search engines and can be used to draw in traffic from users of social media sites such as YouTube.

Call Lawyer Success, Inc, for a free rate quote. We offer a flat fee for up to 10 onsite lawyer videos. Call us today at (769) 218-6099.

How to get more out of state attorney referrals.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

I have spent nearly a decade marketing law firms of all sizes, practice areas and geographical locations and the one question I always ask to potential or existing clients is: “What are you doing that works?”

One of the interesting ideas I picked up from one of my clients, who is one of the most notable criminal attorneys in my home state was about how out of state attorneys find him on the Web. Well of course, being that I am his website designer and SEO specialist I had to know what I was doing right so I could improve upon it for all my clients.

He said, that the referrals he generates monthly from the website from other attorneys (usually out of state) is through the effective presentation of his criminal defense trial success. He said that the most important things to generate high quality attorney referrals was the following.

1. Be found. Make sure your SEO is comprehensive and you are bidding on key phrases on the major search engines.

2. Update the website frequently because it shows that the law firm is well organized.

3. Make sure your attorney biographies are well written as this is one of the most important and viewed pages of your law firm’s site for referring attorneys.

4. List as many testimonials as you can from satisfied clients and from other legal professionals.

5. Display as many of your awards, credentials, published legal works and association memberships as you can.

My client told me that he typically receives calls from the client themselves. The referral typically has already spoken with their attorney and the referring attorney after reviewing my client’s website assures the referral that my client is the one to help them. My client said, its almost like the referring attorney speaks to their client like we have know each other for years after reviewing our website.

If you would like to learn the criminal defense web marketing and out of state lead generation tips that are so good I won’t release on the website. Call me, James Greenier at (769) 218-6099. I have worked with 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal websites on the Web. I also have advised over 3,500 law firm clients since 2000.

Common Personal Injury Lawyer Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Personal injury lawyers spend a tremendous amount of money on advertising but is that enough to really generate the volume of cases needed to keep a personal injury law firm a float?  The average personal injury firm needs about $40,000 per month to stay in business.  This blog post will provide you with a few basic but important marketing tips to improve your personal injury marketing and advertising effectiveness. Although these are not our “top lawyer advertising secrets” these are very common mistakes that I see everyday when consulting with personal injury lawyers through out the U.S..

Here are our top most common mistakes lawyers make with their personal injury advertising:

  1. Their law firm ads look like all the other personal injury law firm ads,
  2. Their law firm advertising does not differentiate your firm from your competitors.
  3. There is no focus or consistency in design, message or impression throughout the marketing materials.
  4. There is no strategic marketing plan tied to a specific budget.
  5. There are no financial goals or metrics measured for each individual marketing implementation.
  6. Each marketing implementation is not tracked or tracked individually to measure trends and effectiveness.
  7. Each marketing implementation should be tied to a cost per call or cost per case metric.
  8. Procrastination and indifference due to a fear of failure.
  9. Lack of buy-in by partners, associates, and staff members to the marketing strategy.
  10. Lack of a law firm marketing plan, understanding the goals of the firm and an elevator pitch used throughout the firm.

Although these may seem rudimentary, these common marketing mistakes lawyers make are huge missed opportunities in revenue and lead generation. These issues tend to run rampant in the legal industry which is understandable as the practice of law is mentally draining and demanding.

If you have any questions or recognize that your law firm needs help in creating a more cost effective strategic marketing plan, then call us today at (769) 218-6099. We have helped over 3,500 law firms generate more revenues and worked with 7 of the top 10 legal brands. We can help!

Free Lawyer Advertising | Free Legal Advertising | Free Attorney Advertising

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Lawyer Success, Inc launched a new free lawyer advertising website a few months ago and it is already having an immediate impact financially for the attorneys that have been submitting law firm articles to the website. The website is called Law Firm Articles ( and it is one of the top ranked law firm article websites on the web.

The benefits are amazing for the small law firm looking for free attorney advertising. The following are just a few of the benefits of writing quality articles and placing them on

  1. It is free.
  2. Only attorneys are allowed to post articles.
  3. You are allowed to link to your website.
  4. You are allowed to add you contact information for potential clients to contact you.
  5. There is no advertising or siphoning of leads from your articles.
  6. Every article is reviewed and activated within an hour of submission.
  7. 1 articles generates on average 75 page views per month.
  8. The articles you submit stay on the site as long as you want.
  9. The articles increase your credibility.
  10. The articles show up on page 1 in Google increasing your exposure!
  11. and many more positive benefits. Besides its free.

We recommend writing quality articles about the specific legal issues you resolve for legal consumer. Also, it is always a good idea to explain your fee structure to better pre-qualify your leads unless you are flexible.  So if you are interested in free legal advertising for your law firm, visit for the very best in article marketing for lawyers.

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

New York Lawyer Ad Rules – Reform is Here.

Marketing Tips for Lawyers , Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Monday, March 15th, 2010

As times have gotten tougher and income is more difficult to come by, more and more businesses are returning to direct marketing skills to bring in more (and better) business. The concepts of direct marketing are tried and true- they have specific methods of measurement so that the results of marketing efforts are evident.

No guessing. The facts are right there in front of you.

For whatever reason, direct marketing tends to cause squeamishness in the business world. Maybe because of the lack of glamour, luster and ego involved in it.

Direct marketers are not concerned with any of that. They are driven by one thing: RESULTS.

Selling. Getting a customer. Delivering a product or service. Making the customer happy. Collecting money. Repeat. Again.

See how boring this can be? (especially if you do not like money!)

This is how you need to direct your law practice if you want to not only survive as a lawyer but thrive!

Run your law practice like a business and you will never lack for satisfied customers.

A Three Step Process

James Greenier, marketing maverick, employs basic direct marketing to every business he works with. He produces stellar results every time. One of his most effective tested theories is:

Right Message to the Right Audience with the Right Media.

If you mess up just one of those variables, you run the risk of missing out on profit and clients.

Marketing is the lifeline of your business. If you are not putting yourself out there in front of prospective clients, you won’t have any. However, there is no need to advertise to every person. You don’t want every person to call you for business.

Now that we have established the right message-right audience-right media concept, let’s make sure that you can do it.

What is your right message? In direct marketing terms, what is your unique selling proposition, the skill set, values or contributions that you bring that cause you to stand out from your competition?

Keep in mind that this is not about faster or better. This is about different, the extra effort, service, product or skill that you alone possess.

Once you figure out what sets you apart, craft a couple of sentences to explain it. These 2-3 sentences do not reflect EVERYTHING your law practice does. The USP states why you are different as an attorney. A lawyer’s well crafted USP will attract clients because they have immediately become aware of what the attorney can do for them.

Next, use your USP to drive your marketing campaign. Nobody wants to be sold, but they do want to have their needs filled. Use your USP to talk to the right customers about how you can solve their problems and meet their needs.

Figure out where the majority of your business comes from and focus on your target market. Put your advertising dollars to work there.

It Takes Time but it is Worth It

It is not difficult to stand out from the crowd because most lawyers don’t.

Be a lawyer that stands out with these simple steps.

So, to recap: figure out your USP. Once you have your USP, use it as your marketing message. Identify who your target audience is and where they are and what they read. Advertise there.

It will take some time. Developing effective USP’s, finding your target audience and marketing specifically to them can be a tedious process in the beginning. Especially if this way of business is new to you.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. At Lawyer Success, we focus our business on improving your business. We can extract what is unique and different about you and focus your marketing in the right direction while you focus on your law practice.

Once the clients start pouring in, there may not be much time for anything else.

For a free consultation concerning marketing tips call us today at (769) 218-6099.

At Lawyer Success, “Your Success is Our Business.” Each new client is treated as if they were our only client and we understand that your success with our services is our responsibility and is critical to a long term client for our company. Lawyer Success, Inc. was founded by law firm marketing expert James Greenier. Over the past 11 years, Mr. Greenier has personally worked on, developed or consulted with 7 of the top 10 most trafficked legal websites on the Internet. He also served as the primary web marketing advisor for over 3,500 law firms. He will be your primary contact at all times and will develop the strategy for for your project. He will also personally supervise and participate in your project to ensure that you receive the highest level of service, support and performance. For a free consultation concerning marketing tips call us today at (769) 218-6099.

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