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Lawyer Website Content Writing for SEO Purposes

The biggest trend to hit the Internet marketing world for lawyers is in the development of legal content for their law firm blog or website. The importance of creating search engine optimized (SEO) content for your lawyer website is important for many reasons.

  1. Good content drives traffic to your website and specific web pages within the organic search results pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  2. Attracts referrals from other attorneys.
  3. Converts your website’s visitors in to paying customers.

So what are some of the important things to do when developing content for lawyer websites?

1. Keyword research the very best and relevant keywords and keyword phrases most commonly used by web searchers for your geographical area as well as the areas of law in which you practice. That way the content you are writing will attract web referrals.

2. Develop content that is highly relevant to the areas of law in which your firm practices along with the areas of law listed on your law firm website.

3. Write content that is original and your own work. Search engines are able to quickly find content that is plagiarized or used from other websites. This can hurt your website rankings and credibility with the search engines resulting in poor rankings and placement within the organic search results.

4. Include resource links within the content of your website to non-competitive type websites. Sites like Wikipedia or WebMd are credible and you are less likely to lose that visitor due to competitive reasons.

5. Link to other areas of your law firm website. Link to pages such as your attorney bio page or a related FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. You also should link to other related articles within your website as well.


Offers lawyer website content copywriting as an affordable Internet marketing solution for legal professionals.  Our legal content writing is very effective in increasing links to your website, your website’s search engine ranking / search engine placement which increase web traffic and convert website hits to clients. Call James Greenier at (769) 218-6099

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