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How 16 Minutes a Day Made LawyerSuccess and Our Clients Very Successful
From: LawyerSuccess | February 08, 2010

Here is a secret law firm marketing strategy that we have used to generate a consistent stream of new clients for our law firm marketing company. This law firm marketing plan has been proven to work with 1,000s of law firms. It will absolutely work with your law firm to generate new client leads for your law firm.

This video will show you how it works and provide you with the proof that it really works. Most of our clients have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars by cutting back on other advertising because this marketing for attorneys really works. I assure you that you will find that this is the only law firm advertising you will ever need.

Each program is customized based on the individual needs of your law firm. Each client is not only provided with a marketing solution that works, but we provide you with updates, success coaching, training, analytics and services to ensure your success. Best of all we help you all the way and continue to provide ongoing support and advice to improve your results each month.

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Keyword Research Tool | Keyword Positioning Tools and Reports for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms
From: LawyerSuccess | February 08, 2010
When it comes to anything important in life, the motto “Knowing is half the battle” is a true statement. When it comes to law firm SEO, this is a very important motto because: Knowing which keywords are the most widely used, most effective and most relevant is the difference between 100 people visiting your lawyer website or 10,000 people visiting your site. Also, knowing where your law firms website is positioned for these keywords at all times is a huge competitive advantage over other law firms.

Keyword selection is the most important factor to consider when building or redesigning a website for attorneys. The reason is that people use keywords on major search engines to find attorneys and research their case.

So what are the best practices for designing and optimizing a law firm website?

First, you need to stop assuming what people type in the search engines and use a keyword research tool as we show in this video. Find the actual keywords people use while placing emphasis on the most commonly used terms. Our keyword tool does that.

Second, you need to optimize the web pages for the keywords you want to target from your keyword research.

Third, you need to keep informed of your positioning of the keywords at all times. This way you can test new strategies for SEO, note slipping rankings and correct, or to see if what you are doing for search engine optimization is working. Our “real time” positioning tools enable you to do all of that and more.

Lastly, you can hire our firm to obtain the top keywords for your law firm SEO and content strategy. We also can provide you with a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly report on your rankings for each of these keywords along with any positive or negative changes in position.

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