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Hostgator has our sites down a…

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Hostgator has our sites down again. Happening almost everyday now. Killing our business! Any others out there who you recommend?

Is Your Legal Landing Page Crushing Your Website’s Conversion Rates?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

If you happen to be a bit fuzzy on exactly what a landing page is, then think of it as a page on your legal website which allows you to “capture” a potential client’s information through a lead form. In other words, your legal landing page will be targeted to a specific client, and will have some sort of intriguing offer (a high-quality newsletter, article on a specific subject, etc.) which will hopefully allow you to convert more of your browsers into full-blown clients.

While many businesses tend to send their advertising, e-mail or social media traffic to their homepage, this can be a missed opportunity. Your goal for your legal landing page is to first figure out exactly what you want your visitors to do—then make it as simple as possible for them to do exactly that. So, whether you are improving your current landing page, or starting from scratch, take a look at the following tips for a legal landing page that will significantly boost your conversion rates.

Hook Them with Your Headline

Your legal landing page can literally live or die based on your headline’s overall quality and “catchiness.” You have a ridiculously short amount of time—2-3 seconds—to grab your reader, entice them to read further, and stop their hand from clicking on its way. If your headline is truly great, it can even smooth the rough edges from other potential mistakes on down the page.

Don’t Use Your “Regular” Design Theme for Your Landing Page

While your legal website and legal blog may have a design theme which works just fine for your visual presentation of information, when you get to the landing page, you are attempting to bring your client’s mind into sharp focus on one specific action. In this instance you don’t want sidebars and multiple columns, or any extraneous stuff that can confuse or distract—thereby reducing conversions. No clutter is the rule on your legal landing page–create a clean, concise page that says what it says with style and punch, adding nothing else.

Don’t Muddy the Waters by Asking for Multiple Things

While we all tend to believe that the more choices we have, the happier we are, in reality this has been proven false time and time again. Many of us, when given too many choices, end up overwhelmed and frustrated, and our decision is to make no decision at all. Your legal landing page should ask for one specific action and only one. Whatever your question is, ask it straight up, in an unambiguous manner.

Remember to Concentrate Your Offer above the Fold

Most web surfers spend at least 80% of their scanning time above the fold. This is not to say that people absolutely won’t scroll down the page, but don’t assume they will continue without clicking away. Grab your potential client’s attention and hold on for dear life, but make sure you can deliver on what you are offering. You don’t ever want to lose your credibility by making an offer you can’t back up 100%.  Once you have hooked your reader, don’t distract them by offering multiple exits from your landing page. You want your visitor to be wholly focused on filling out your form for whatever you are offering.

Give Your Clients the Perfect Solution–Quickly

Most people who go to legal websites are looking for answers and your landing page should be the place they can find that answer in the most succinct manner possible. Identify the problem, and tell your potential client why you have the perfect solution. Keep your landing page short, sweet, and to the point, then deliver on your promises, and you will find your conversion rate moving steadily upward. And never forget—once you’ve succeeded in getting your visitor to fill out the form, make sure they are directed to a thank you message which can also briefly offer other solutions you may have.

Speak with a law firm marketing expert, not a sales person.  Call (769) 218-6099 if you want to improve your lawyer website and make more money.

Hostgator down again! I am not…

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Hostgator down again! I am not very happy!