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Bing Search Engine Results Now Power Yahoo Search Results

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

This past Tuesday, Yahoo flipped the switch to their new search engine “back-end” provider of search results. This only effects the U.S. market as the test for better search continues for Yahoo.

The U.S. Department of Justice approved Microsoft’s takeover of Yahoo search engine and the reasoning is that it would combine the resources of both search indexes from both domains and would speed up Bing’s automated learning. Since Bing and Yahoo would have more data to draw upon, Bing and Yahoo have a better chance of finding what the web user is looking for according the the Dept. of Justice.

The presence of Bing is only noticeable at the surface with a small “Powered by Bing” icon on the search results pages. The actual search results themselves seem very similar, and I doubt that there will be many people distinguish one set of results from the other set.

Bing and Google have been in a “who offers the best features” war since last year, and all three search engines have relative strengths and weaknesses. While Google remains the preferred place for search, it’s only slightly ahead of the new Bing and Yahoo partnership according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s most recent study.

Most analysts agree that the purpose of using Bing as the back-end for Yahoo’s search engine and results pages is to allow Yahoo to focus on being a content portal.

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Outsource Your Website Content to Obtain and Sustain Your Success!

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

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How to Retain Law Firm Clients Who Can Afford You

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Know What You Want. Everyone of us is an obstacle to our own success. Attorneys rarely reach their dreams or full potential because they do not clearly define what success means to them. Therefore their marketing doesn’t work, they take whatever business they can get and get only a fraction of the legal fees they would normal get.

My job is to challenge you in order for you discover what it is that you really want. Is it a particular client or case type? The next step is to show you how to make simple changes in your marketing and advertising to reach your desired client or case. Next I will teach you the sustainable, daily habit tin order to achieve it.

Attract Better Quality Law Firm Clients Tip#1

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Stop Sabotaging Your Success. The clients I have made the most money for all had one thing in common. They took a simple and effective technique and made it a daily habit.  They set a side 15 minutes per day, performed one simple task and this focus made them very successful. Do you have one daily task that you perform to make you more successful?