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Best Law Firm Web Sites Generate Traffic and Phone Calls

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

The Web is a complicated and yet very simple way to generate high quality legal clients. The problem is, there are many people in our industry who claim to be experienced law firm Internet marketers or search engine optimization experts. In fact, my kids are learning how to create a Web site in grade school.

But I am not about to turn my business or financial goals over to them. Not yet any way.  The other issue is most of these “website designers” do not have a clue about the practice of law, the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern lawyer advertising or your the ideal clients to target for your practice.

The bottom line is this. If you realize the full value of having one of the best law firm websites in your market, then this advice will serve you well. First I would like to say that having the best law firm website is going to be expensive, BUT it will never COST you anything!  What I mean is; you will pay a decent amount of money to generate leads for your law firm because there are many hours required to generate the amount of traffic needed. It takes 100 visits to your website to generate 1 new law firm client. But it won’t cost you anything as it will become a new profit center for your firm. The wealthy become wealthy by creating multiple streams of income and make the proper investments to launch each new profit center.

So if you want 20 new clients a month, it will take about 2,000 visits per month to generate that volume of business. So how do you generate 2,000 or more visits to your website? Do you run a Pay Per Click campaign?  Well, you could but with the average price at about $15 per click and about 1/3 of your clicks coming from your competitors checking your website out, this is not such a great idea.

So, we need focus on four things and do them very well in order to generate and convert as much traffic as possible. In doing so, you can forget about doing any other advertising because you won’t need it. This website generates numerous clients per day for our company and we simply do no other advertising. Think about how much money you would save by cutting out the phone books, online legal directories, Pay Per Click, etc. In fact, we don’t even spend a dime in Pay Per Click advertising at all saving us 1,000s of dollars every single month.

So lets get started. In order for you law firm to have the very best and most effective law firm website in your market we need to focus on 4 things and do them very, very well.

  1. You need a good solution. You need a website that is very professionally designed with simple navigation, content structure and call to action themes throughout. If you want cheap clients offer them a cheap looking website. If you want top cases or top clients, you have to present your law firm in a much more high tech and professional way.
  2. You need the best search engine optimization strategy – If you want Google, Yahoo, AOL or Bing to take notice of your law firm website, return often and index you for the very best keyword phrases, you have to give the search engine robots what they are looking for. That is clean, organized and index-able text content and HTML/PHP code.
  3. You need a Content Strategy – Does your firm write content to generate more traffic or  to generate more  new clients. They are not the same thing. I have a client who was killing himself every day using Dream Weaver (a popular web page building software program) and creating new pages and new content for his website. He was spending hours just to create a couple of new pages. Worse of all he was writing the wrong king of content.  Sure, the content he was writing generated tens of thousands of hits every month to his site but he was not getting calls. I showed him that the type of content he needed to write needed to target the searches people were using to hire a law firm like his. He now enjoys the extra time he has using our system and his “new content” generates many new clients daily.
  4. You need to comprehensive plan for Web Access Diversification – There are so many places to advertise your law practice. New websites are popping up daily. Site like: attorney directories, social media, legal and business networking, article sites, and the list could go on forever. How do you spend your time effectively managing these sites? How do you discover and add yourself to new ones? How do you know which ones to really work and which ones to set and forget? A comprehensive plan along with an experience Internet marketing consultant can make this simple, fast and effective.

At Lawyer Success, we have been involved with law firm Internet marketing and developing the very best law firm websites since 2003. Our founder and chief law firm Internet marketing advisor, James Greenier, has worked with 7 of the top 10 most trafficked legal sites on the Web. Take advantage of his expertise to help get your practice above the competitive threshold and in to success. Call (769) 218-6099 today!