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New Video Released – Koederitz Law Firm, LLC

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Today Lawyer Success, Inc. releases a new lawyer website video for the Koederitz Law Firm, LLC. The Koederitz Law Firm, LLC has been a client of Lawyer Success, Inc. since 2005 and has tasked Lawyer Success, Inc. to video, edit, produce and market 8 personal injury lawyer videos for their website  

The videos were taken at the law firm’s new location off of Bluebonnet Blvd. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The new videos were filmed in High Definition and in 16:9 format. These videos are also compatible with all PCs, laptops and mobile phones including the iPhone.  Each video with include a complete (VSEO) Video Search Engine Optimization campaign along with a detailed (VSEM) Video Search Engine Marketing campaign to include social networking sites, video sites, etc.

If your law firm would is interested in law firm video production and/or marketing, please give James Greenier at Lawyer Success, Inc. a call today at (769) 218-6099. 

TotalAttorneys Pay Per Lead – Is it ethical for lawyers?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

The age old rules that govern lawyer advertising is having a tough time with the development of new Internet technologies such as Pay Per Click, Social Networking, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This new and rapidly developing form of lawyer advertising has become a hot bed for lawyer ethics debates and even litigation against companies and the lawyers who use their service.

States like Illinois and Connecticut will likely set the standard and policies affecting the remaining states that have not addressed legal ethics rules and newly developed legal marketing solutions provided for through the Web. Connecticut will likely rule in January of 2010 on whether or not services offered by non-attorneys will be able to sell leads or referrals to licensed attorneys.

Lawyer Pay Per Lead programs such as those offered by Total Attorneys ( are facing increased scrutiny and even litigation by lawyers who oppose buying referrals from non-lawyer sources. The reason for existing ethics rules that bar selling referrals from non-lawyers to lawyers is to prevent the public from making financial gains by advancing litigation.

Other companies such as Ingenio and the major yellow page companies have been ramping up their pay per performance services to include selling leads to attorneys. With law firms spending an estimated $1.5 billion dollars in annual law firm advertising each year, it is likely that “the heavy hitter” or “the strong arm” will be able to continue to operate business as usual.

New lawyer website design clie…

Friday, December 11th, 2009

New lawyer website design client in New …

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

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Check out the Lawyer Success, …

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Check out the Lawyer Success, Inc’s new company CloudProfile space. It may be found here.