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How to Generate Website Traffic for Lawyer Websites – Keywords and Keyphrases

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I have worked on several of the most popular and most trafficked legal websites on the web. For over 8 years I have worked with or consulted over 3,500 law firms on website development and lead generation via the Internet.

The very best way to generate substantial and sustainable website leads for your legal website is to do the following:

1. Research top key-phrases being used daily by potential clients. There are some paid and free services out there on the Web to help you find the right keywords for your law firm website.  A common mistake for lawyers is to assume or guess which keywords people are typing on the Web to find an attorney in their market. At LawyerSuccess we offer legal keyword research to help you target the “high value” keywords for your firm.

2. Develop search engine optimized content around these “high value” lawyer keywords. Simply write articles using one or two of these key-phrases at least 3 times per 400 words of text.

3. Optimize your content pages using one or two key words or key phrases. Include the key phrases in the description tags, title tags, alt tags, H1 and H2 tags and links on the web page.

4. Obtain inbound links to your website using those keyphrases and have the links point to the page dedicated to that 1 or 2 keyphrases.

By using this keyword enriched seo technique, your website traffic will increase with the type of web visitor you desire – a paying client.

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SEO Inbound Links For Lawyers and Attorney Links

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Is your law firm website slipping or missing from the 1st page search results on most major search engines? It could be one of three problem areas.

First common issue for poor search engine positioning for most attorney websites is the lack of proper search engine optimization in the code of the website. This is the most important factor because it effects everything else that you do to position your website within Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, etc… If the proper meta tags, descriptions, ALT tags, header tags, and keyword placement is not complete, then link building or content development will produce lackluster results.

Second issue to properly rank your law firm’s website within the top search engines is to update the site’s content regularly. We offer lawyer website content writing that is well researched, written by attorneys and is optimized for keyword positioning on all search engines. The fresh content provides excellent internal links to important key web pages as well as encourages search engines to visit your website frequently.

Last and certainly not the least is how well your website is viewed by the Web community. The best way for Google and other search engines to figure out which websites should be at the top of the search engine results page for a particular search phrase is to calculate how many other sites find the information valuable. This calculation is based on how many other related and credible sites link to or refer to your website. Our firm can help you legitimately generate these high valued and rare legal resource links to your website. Click here to read more about SEO Inbound Links For Lawyers.

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