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Search Positioning Determines Law Firm Credibility for Consumers

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Every attorney pretty much wants the one of two thing when advertising for new clients. Most practicing attorneys either want better clients or better cases. For the past 9 years and over 3,500 law firm client interviews I am learning more about a new trend emerging within the ranks of the high income demographic online users.  The type of clients that business, family, estate and criminal attorneys tend to market toward.

The trend is the general attitude toward law firms and their website search positioning.  High search positioning (top 3 search results) on Google, Yahoo or Bing doesn’t just equal more traffic and more client leads. A lawyer website indexed within the top 3 organic search results now means you have credibility with the high level business clientele and elite status consumers.

That’s right. The high dollar clients you are marketing for are trending toward making an informed selection between the top 3 attorneys listed on a search results page. Some speculate this is a trend that carried over from the yellow pages days where only the double truck yellow page ads pulled the most credibility and new client leads.

My opinion is that is that there is a more sophisticated answer than that. I believe that people are relying more heavily on the search credibility of Google to help sort out which companies or service providers they should evaluate when making a short list of attorneys to call.

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