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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

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Law Firm SEO – Seo for Law Firms

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Are you seeking expert law firm seo services?

If so then you should talk to our lead SEO expert James Greenier for a free initial consultation. The reason is simple: No one else has personally worked on as many of the most trafficked legal websites as he has. 7 of the 10 he has worked on are producing 250,000 to 4 million unique visitors on average per month.

He has consulted with over 3,500 law firms through his 8 year career.  He has numerous clients that are #1 on all major search engines in their city or state and provides exclusive services in many cases.

SEO for law firms is a tricky business because there are so many different providers out there who claim to be the best. One conversation with James Greenier and you will know he is the best. Fortunately, our pricing is better than the top competitors in this industry.

To reach our SEO Expert James Greenier, simply call him direct at (769) 218-6099. We have offices in San Francisco, California; Tampa, Florida; Jackson, Mississippi and the New England area to better serve you.