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Need lawyer website links?

Friday, October 31st, 2008

One tip I will reveal from my Lawyer SEO Strategy Guide is a nice simple tip on how to generate inbound links to your lawyer website.

Submit your website to directories and do social bookmarking. Sites like Digg and Stumbleupon can help you generate some inbound links to your website.

Here’s another juicy tip often forgotten or done improperly. Post legitimate comments  on web blogs. Some of these sites allow you to add links. Always read the articles and post good and relevant comments and you should always link back to the blog out of courtesy. 

If your law firm need a comprehensive link building campaign be sure to call James at (769) 218-6099.

How To Keep Your Lawyer Website Ranking #1 on Google

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Many of our lawyer seo clients ask us how long they can expect to remain at the top of the natural search results. Their fear is losing this positioning after having us work very hard to get them placed so well.

The answer is simple. As long as you stick to these basic rules, you will continue to enjoy the high profits that come along with top positioning on all major search engines.

  • Update existing content.Search engine robots are looking for content that is fresh. Update your inner pages every few months with new content, meta descriptions and header tags. 
  • Add more content.It is always a good idea to make sure all of your pages have at least 400 words of content. Review your old pages and add content as needed.
  • Add new pages.Content is still king. By adding landing pages, news, faqs, articles, a blog, newsletter archives, and site maps you will attract more traffic and search engine robot visits.
  • Rename pages.Add keywords into your page names. Don’t just call your contact page “Contact.html”. Call it Contact_a_dallas_lawyer.htm.
  • Rename images.Rename images to include your keywords. For example, don’t name an image gavel.jpg; instead, name it dallas_lawyer.jpg.
  • Update alt tags. Add alt tags to your images. Make sure your keywords are included as part of the tag.
  • Update meta tags.Replace irrelevant keywords in your description tag with target meta tag keywords used on the page. Refresh your description meta tags often.
  • Update the page title. Update the title every few weeks or every other month. If you add another page by copying an existing page, make sure your page title and keywords coincide with the page content.
  • Create Unique page titles. Using the same page titles throughout your website will hurt your rankings.

Lawyer Search engine optimization is an ongoing and tedious process that takes time, skill and patience. As long as you regularly update your website meta data and draft unique content, you should be able to hang on to your top position. If you’re having problems, consider contact us to be your SEO coach or SEO copywriter. We can be reached at (769) 218-6099

Search Engines or Directories for Lawyers and SEO Campaigns

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Search Engines or Directories for Lawyer SEO?

Search engines computer programs, scripts or code that scour over the Internet seeking web content. The search engines then present the information in to results pages. Google has begun a campaign in recent times of using human editors to clean up their search engine results pages. A majority of their content is developed by automation.

Directories on the other hand are typically human compiled lists of websites that are then organized by categories or topics. Directories take time and effort to maintain because they are human compiled.

When Lawyer Success is finished developing a lawyer web site, we submit the new lawyer website to several or even dozen directories. We prefer to submit to legal directories such as in order to generate traffic to our clients website. Legal directories play an important part in seo because they are so relevant to the lawyer websites we create. That is far more important than just getting a directory listing on any directory.

You should always find the correct category for your website and make sure you are following the directory guidelines when submitting your site for inclusion. Expect to pay top dollar for quality results.

Do Directory Listings of Value?

The value of any one directory link to your website may not always be that effective for law firm seo. The directories that offer an excellent bang for the buck are DMOZ and the Yahoo Directory. Directories add value when you list your website in a number of them because you are listed next to other sites that are in your same vertical.

If your law firm website domain is a keyword-rich domain name, than directory listings may help you get text descriptive inbound links to your attorney website. Since most of your lawyer competition may only have links from a few dozen sites, listing your site in several high quality legal directories and targeting link campaigns from other relevant attorney sites, you will quickly build up a great linking campaign at lower cost.

Need more links to your lawyer websites? Call 769-218-6099 and ask for Joe. We have several partners who use friendly seo link strategies.

Link Building for Lawyers – Attorney Law Firm Legal Lawyer Link.html

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Link Building for Lawyers

One of the most critical parts of your law firm Web Marketing strategy should be to focus on obtaining links from other legal websites to your main law firm website. We recommend that our clients do not buy links, or swap links via automated link swapping programs. Our strategy that has proven consistent results is to network with webmasters or law related sites to give you links without having to give them one in return.

Internet Marketing for Lawyers Tip

One of the most critical parts of your law firm Web Marketing strategy should be to focus on obtaining links from other legal websites to your main law firm website. We recommend that our clients do not buy links, or swap links via automated link swapping programs. Our strategy that has proven consistent results is to network with webmasters or law related sites to give you links without having to give them one in return.

So how do convince someone to give you a link for free? ALL webmasters care about their visitors, and they are always looking for valuable websites that would provide their visitors with informative content . this can be very helpful to your firm as search engines will see these links as a reasonable and valuable link.

Link building is a very critical techinique because it still drives higher search term rankings. But here are a few things to consider as the algorythms have changed.

  1. Instead if focusing on the nymber of links, focus on getting highly relevant sites to link to your sites.
  2. Link swapping is now virtually a waste of time and effort unless you are targeting highly relevant sites. 
  3. Link purchasing can be an effective practice although it can be risky and doesn’t offer long term benefit.

Building superior content can build your online reputation. This will surely get people to link to your site.

Do you need more law related or even practice specific link building for lawyers? Call us today to learn how you can join our network of SEO friendly link partners. We can also do the work for you and save you time with guaranteed results. Call James at (769) 218-6099.

Attention Lawyers – Your Clients are Googling You and Your Web Reputation

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

In today’s search engine crazed society there is an emerging trend that could seriously affect your law firm’s credibility and future revenues. As a law marketing trends expert, I have decided this new trend, that I am the first to report on, will now be known as the “Web Reputation.”

Like a credit check, a bad Web Reputation can and WILL hurt you!

People more than ever are beginning to research their lawyer’s Web Reputation. They are running searches on Google and other search engines for terms such as “Is Joe Bunch a good lawyer” or “Debra Johnson and GA and violations” or “jason gabel success rate michigan” just to name a few of the 100s of like keyphrases to hit our website every month.

The bottom line, your potential clients, referring attorneys and existing customers are constantly checking out your reputation and success online.  As more and more attorney rankings and lawyer rating websites continue to gain popularity it will be harder and harder to control your law firm’s Web Reputation.

Just about any competitor or disgruntled ex-client or employee can tarnish your reputation onlone causing your serious losses in revenues. The every best way to protect your attorney Web Reputation is to work hard, stay ethical and join business organizations such as the BBB.

You must Google your name every now and then to see what websites online are saying about you. Be sure to ask any website that offers ratings or reviews about you if you are able to dispute or rebuttal any disparaging remarks about your firm.

Our company offers website seo, online marketing services far ahead of the curve. Call us for a marketing consultation today at 769-218-6099.


Pay Per Lead Advertising For Attorneys – Best Advertising Opportunity for Lawyers?

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

I firmly believe having consulted with over 3,200 law firms throughout North America and Europe that the very best band for the buck in advertising is:

  1. Any service that offers residual client development growth
  2. Any advertising service for attorneys that is of the pay for performance model

So let’s review the whole pay per lead model. Is it ethical? Will it get you in trouble with your state bar?

At first you may think…”well of course paying for leads is buying clients.” But that is not the case as several pay per lead services are completely reliable and ethical. Let’s look at the largest pay per lead program available for lawyers – Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is, by far, the largest pay per lead program available to attorneys. The whole concept of buying clicks could easily be construed as unethical. However, it is not and I doubt very seriously that it will ever will be.

The only problem with the pay per click model is the expense involved. It used to only cost you 15 cents a click for terms such as lawyer or lawyers. Now you could be looking to spend several hundreds of dollars before you receive enough clicks to result in a lead for your law firm.

Several companies are moving in the direction of the pay per lead model. What they are doing is creating traffic to their website, offering a web form for potential clients to fill out and then sell those leads to law firms. 

My though about that is that you need to take into consideration who you are doing business with. Their website may get your law firm in a lot of trouble. Many of these pay per lead for lawyers websites are a danger to your practice because they have very little experience with the attorney / client relationship.

Lawyer Success, Inc. for over 5 years has been experimenting and building high value relationships with legal partners. If you are interested in learning more about the companies we recommend in the pay per lead for attorneys space, please call us at (769) 218-6099.


SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers – Best Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Company

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

If your law firm has a personal injury law practice then you know the importance of search engines and positioning yourself within the top of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and all others. The fact is we have worked with some of the largest personal injury attorney television advertisers in the country and those personal injury law firms have found a significant number and percentage of their cases and personal injury leads are coming from the lawyer website that we developed and performed detailed seo on.

In many cases, our seo for personal injury lawyers has created the absolute lowest cost per lead over the yellow pages, television, newspapers, billboards, radio and direct mail.

What to not to do when it comes to seo for personal injury lawyers:

  1. Keep putting off your seo and website development or updates – the fact is Google and all other search engines prefer how long a site has been on the Web, how much relevant content about the subject, and how many other “like” websites link to your website. The longer you wait to have your personal injury lawyer website search engine optimization performed, the longer it will take you to catch up to your competitors who already get what it takes to develop Web leads for personal injury cases.
  2. Hire an seo firm blindly – Never hire an seo law firm unless they can provide you with references, and examples of their work.
  3. Be impatient – Most law firms want speedy results. Well, unless your starting with an older domain with existing pagerank and simply needing a redesign with seo than you are in for a wait. Typically early results first appear on search engines such as MSN. Yahoo and Google take awhile for the seo results to take effect.
  4. Hire a company that doesn’t specialize in SEO for law firms only – There are vast differences between seo strategies for lawyers and other types of businesses. There are serious ethics rules that govern your profession, different things to consider to convert web traffic into phone calls, and several other factors that only an expert lawyer seo firm knows and understands.
  5. Never hire a friend or computer guy to work on your website or SEO! – I have seen a ton of firms making this costly mistake. A mistake that causes them trouble with prospective clients, their state bar association, and trouble with search engines just to name a few. Just because your friend, your child or local computer geek knows how to build websites doesn’t mean they should build yours. Your website is the face of your law practice. It will be one of the most important sources of your new clients, referrals and how prospects will evaluate you prior to contact.

How much should I expect to pay someone who specializes in seo for personal injury lawyers. This is a question without merit. SEO is an ongoing process. There is no one time fee if you are serious about seo. Search engines are constantly changing and so your website must as well. SEO involves building on going content, sharing the content with others, revamping the html code, generating interest to your site from other related websites. These fees are a reflection in the amount of monthly work your firm can budget.

Our firm does specialize in seo for law firms of all sizes. About 95% of our clients are personal injury lawyers like you and we have plenty of results and client references for you to call. The bottom line is you can afford our services and you will find us to provide positive results in you law firm’s revenues and balance sheet. Call (769) 218-6099. We have worked with 8 of the 10 most trafficked legal sites on the Internet.

How Will The Economy and The Economic Downturn Affect Attorneys

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

One of the great benefits of our services is that we are able to tap into the minds of attorneys throughout the Country. Attorneys are finding that the economy for the most part has only affected their ability to collect on fees due. In fact, Internet advertising spending from law firms is up over 8% this year while advertising in traditional mediums such as television, radio and yellow pages are down 12%.

The Internet competition is really heating up as attorneys are looking to find places they can spend a reasonable amount of money and compete with the larger more spend worthy law firms.

Our suggestion to lawyers is collect as much as you fees upfront as you can. Also, make sure that you are able to accept credit cards. The rule of thumb is, collect what we need to make upfront and whether or not your accounts receivables go unpaid or not you’ll still be profitable.

If you have questions about generating more Web business, our consultants have the experience and are ready to help. Guaranteed! Simply call (769) 218-6099.

SEO Rankings for Lawyers – What Does Google Really Want?

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

The simple answer is content. Content drives everything search engine optimization wise for generating traffic from the Web for lawyers. Consistent content writing creates readership, industry credibility, search targets and most importantly links to you website.

The very best thing you can do as a hard working, time depraved attorney is to buy a service where you have a website or web blog that is highly optimized along with legal content developers consistently develop and optimize the website content for you.

This one two power punch is the reason 8 of the 10 most trafficked legal site, websites we have personally worked with drive 100s of thousands of unique visitors every single month. Call 769-218-6099 for a free consultation. We guarantee thousands of visitors to your website.

Lawyers – Google Maps SEO, What is Google Maps and Google Local Search

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

What is Google maps and why is it so important for a law firm to be listed in it?

Well, Google Maps is basically Google’s Yellow Pages. They also beta test placing the Google Local Search results all over the natural search engine results page (SERPS). So basically if your not listed in Google Maps / Google Local Search you better get in there right now because like everything else, Google prefers those who participate early.

Lawyer: So how much does it cost?
Absolutely everything if you do not get listed in their Local Search. But it is free for you to place your listing.

Lawyer: How do I sign up?
Visit this link after you finish reading this blog post.

Lawyer: I see lots of other law firms listed on Google Maps. Can I get above them?
There are some things that I have seen to legitimately improve your position and how often you can show up for different key phrases for you city.

Lawyer: How important does my site relate to Google Local Search?
It is critical that your website be optimized for Google Maps and Google Local Search to work together. You don’t have to optimize the site, but it is well worth it.

Lawyer: Can I optimize my Google Maps Profile for better results.
Yes, by logging into your Google Business Center account you can optimize your listing within Google Maps.

Lawyer: What else should I consider about Google Maps?
That all mobile devices are being manufactured and programmed with the intention of people finding places to buy things online and while on the move. Interestingly enough Google just released their new cell phone.

I see Google Local Search will be a very important part of Google SERPS algorithm in the recent days ahead. Call us for more details about Google Maps SEO for Lawyers, attorneys and law firms. (769) 218-6099.