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Lawyer Website Ego – Why Isn't My Phone Ringing?

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Have you ever met someone at a party who was so self absorbed and narcissistic that the second they open their mouth you start having this feeling of disgust wash over you? The conversation is strictly one sided, you cannot get a word in, and soon you find that your eyes begin to scan the room to find a way out.

Now in most cases, these “me people” rarely pick up on the fact that their personality is a huge turn off to the people they meet. I am sure they have impressive experiences that would be interesting to most people, but their presentation style is too intense to say the least.

The appearance, messaging and content of your law firm’s website has the same potential of “tuning out” potential clients. There are numerous attorneys who I have spoken with that tell me they receive outstanding traffic to their website, but for some reason they have a large number of “bounces.”

“Bounces” is a web search engine (SEO) term for when someone visits a website and then leaves the site after visiting 1 page or within 8 seconds of visiting the site. Many of the law firm websites that I have been hired to review, almost always first try to sell the client on their successes and are overrun with self flattery and self bloviation.  In many cases that is OK as long as the message and imagery is not too strong or too self absorbed as you are likely to turn away customers visiting your lawyer website.

Your firm, like many others, probably has an outstanding history of success in the legal community. But there is a way to communicate those successess in a more interesting a compelling way. Let our firm review your site and help you gain a perspective on how the public may percieve your firm through your website.

Law Web Templates – What is the point?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

According to Google there were over 390 searches within their index of websites for “Law Web Templates.”  Now this either means one of two things. Number 1 there are a bunch of lawyer website developers out there using cheap templates to rob their customers blind or there are a lot of attorneys looking to develop their own site.

The bottom line is…I have enough sense to hire an attorney to handle my legal needs because they tend to be serious issues and a lawyer has the experience and knowledge to help me navigate the serious and potentially life changing situation. So why put your reputation at risk and/or lose potential clients by going cheap on your Web presence?

Of course, I could represent myself, but that would be ridiculous.  A lawyer web template is just that – a cheap and unprofessional presentation that tells your potential clients that you care very little about your practice.  Perception is reality to the consumer.

With over 8 years of Web design and marketing experience, James Greenier has worked with the 4 most trafficked legal websites on the Web and has given over 3,200 law firm marketing consultations.

Google Cracks Down on Findlaw and Possibly Their Lawyer Customers

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

If you haven’t heard already, Findlaw received the proverbial smack down from Google recently. The issue it seems involves Findlaw selling links which is a direct (and serious) violation of Google’s Webmaster Rules.

Basically they were cheating.  Apparently Google dropped Findlaw’s Pagerank from a 7 to a 5 along with other Findlaw Web properties. Not sure how badly this will affect their customer websites at this point.

The issue is complicated and very serious for Findlaw and their customers.

The bottom line is…there are no short cuts to link popularity and search engine optimization. If you work with a lawyer seo firm who plays by the rules, the results are real and lasting.

For more information about the Findlaw debacle visit one of the following links:
Findlaw Scaming Google and Possibly Lawyer Customers
Shame Shame Shame Findlaw

There is a ton of news out there breaking about this issue.

James – A Lawyer SEO/Web Design expert has over 8 years of expertise, has worked with 4 of the 5 most trafficked legal websites and has consulted over 3,200 law firms.

How lawyers improve their print and yellow page advertising

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

James, How do I improve the response of my print and yellow page advertising?

This is a question I frequently am asked during my law firm marketing consultations with consumer oriented law firms. Although most of the lawyers I am working with are now migrating from the yellow pages to other mediums such as the Web or television I do often run across a firm that is still a “player” in the local phone book directory game.

Since usage for print information and directories is spiraling downward, the point is to make those ads work as hard as possible. Here are a few of the print advertising tips I recommend for my lawyer clients and use when designing their yellow page ads:

  •  Use a headline that asks a question. A effect ad uses a large headline that targets the legal problem the law firm can offer assistance. Include the word “you.” An example might be: “Is your debt spiraling out of control? Do you need a way out?”
  • Get the best results by purchasing ads by area of law and creating ads specifically for those areas of law.
  • If you accept credit cards, then display the credit card logos on your ad along with text such as, “All major credit cards accepted.”
  • Make sure to follow your state bar rules and have your ad designed well in advance for your state bar to have time to review your ad. This will give you time to make any changes for the deadline.
  • Slogan – Always trademark or trademark search any slogan before you use it. Be sure to include the include the words we or you or your. Example: We fight for your rights. This is just a sample. I don’t want to give out our best stuff. Don’t be cheesy.
  • Tracking phone numbers – use them for each book and different ads to measure results.
  • Measure your results and compare with your open case files.
  • Provide your full contact information except for your email address. Trust me on this one!
  • Website in large print with tracking url. People really do look for more information about law firms through their advertising. According to my latest metrics, 28% of yellow page users will visit your website.
  • Call me for a review of your ads.
I hope these few simple tips will be of use for you. Let our company assist you in multiplying the effect of your yellow pages ad or any other print advertising your law office deploys. Click here to contact us

Guaranteed seo results for lawyers

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Why do search engine optimization firms offer guaranteed seo results for lawyers and some state that it is impossible and not to trust any company that makes this offer?

Our firm does guarantee natural organic search engine placement. The reason is simple, we can make that claim because we have the skills, partnerships and 8 years of proven results to back our guarantee. We also honor our seo guarantee. 

If a company specializes in lawyer website search engine optimization, can prove results, and is willing to refund the money or not collect their fee until the website has acheived the desired rankings, then what is the problem with making the claim?

Just my thoughts on the issue.

Click here to contact our guaranteed seo results for lawyers

Lawyer Blogs and Effective Search Engine Placement

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Writing a blog for my own business is rather new for me. For the last few years, I have touted and pressed my lawyer clients to start a blog. The reason is simple – content is king.  The more web pages created, the more search targets I can optimize for them to cast a wider net.

Without a doubt, when a client is trained to blog or hires us to draft the blog content for them, we have seen a dramatic up tick in website traffic resulting in higher quantities of law firm Web leads for my clients. The trick is to identify the right keyword phrases and simply draft some interesting content around the specific issue.

We then have a search engine optimization module that enables us to properly label the blog posts for maximum visibility.

If you law firm is interested in developing a blog or would like to discuss developing a website, please feel free to drop us a line a (769) 218-6099.