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Video Production for Lawyers

Video for Websites
At Lawyer Success, Inc. we recognize that web video is extremely important for attracting the types of clients most attorneys want and need. Video content typically drives traffic to the website, but the web video does the actual selling. We produce highly personalized videos-- when your potential clients are able to see your face and hear your voice, they develop a much more personal engagement with your firm and this relationship can increase your conversion rates by as much as 30 %. Once we have created the video (or videos) for your law firm, and posted them on your legal website, then as soon as your visitor clicks on it, there is no delay—the video begins playing without hesitation, which is also one more major selling point for video streaming.

There are many types of videos you could choose to place on your legal website; for example we could shoot a video segment of an attorney in your firm which focuses on him as he wins a case and showcases his legal arguments. An attorney in the firm could also show the firm’s different departments and explain how they deal with a variety of legal aspects. This can really impress a potential client, giving him a very clear picture of this particular attorney’s strengths and capabilities. Video allows the attorney to simultaneously convey his particular marketing message and let visitors actually see him, enabling the attorney to inspire confidence and show he knows what he is talking about.

Video Internet Marketing
At Lawyer Success, Inc. our professionals also do video internet marketing so if your firm already has videos, you can choose to have us market them in order to drive more leads. Our marketing strategies are based on over a decade in this business and the rewards your firm will reap from these video strategies will be very satisfying for you.

Video Production
We offer either on-site or off-site video production; if you choose to have your videos shot in your own law offices we will send a videographer to come in and shoot the video, edit it, put sound, titles and transition between the different camera angles and create a video you will not only be proud of, but one which will bring high-quality traffic to your website. Our writers can write the script for your videos, and we have on hand all necessary technical lighting. We shoot our videos in high definition video and can optimize them for search engine placement as well as broadcast them on different websites to bring in more quality clients for your firm. We offer full video editing, shooting and production as well as distribution.

Your website video viewer is interested in one thing—how you can solve his pressing legal problem. We can answer that question for them through a video for your law firm or attorneys.  We can ensure the videos created by Lawyer Success, Inc. will generate both high-volume clients and cases for your firm. If you would like a free consultation regarding videos for lawyers, contact Lawyer Success, Inc. at (769) 218-6099.

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