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Legal Website Hosting

The legal consumer marketplace has been ever
changing since the development of the World Wide
Web. This development in shared knowledge, online community and social networking has empowered the legal consumer to make informed purchase decisions when it comes to just about everything including legal services. Our typical client is an attorney who has tried our competitors and other forms of advertising unsuccessfully. They turn to Lawyer Success, Inc. because of our unmatch experience in Internet lead generation for lawyers.

Lawyer Success, Inc. was founded by James Greenier who began his career as a pioneer in the field of B2B Web design and Search Engine Optimization in the late 1990s. He then turned his focus to specializing in law firm Internet marketing. Over the next 10 years, Mr. Greenier assisted brand awareness and growth of such popular legal brands such as Findlaw, FreeAdvice, AttorneyPages, WestLaw,, UsLegal, USlegalForms, FormsPass, SearchLaw, and

Mr. Greenier has also assisted in the product development, lead generation and revenue growth for 7 of the 10 most traffic legal websites on the Internet. Each garnering, on average about 1,000,000 unique visitors. This experience and comlpete skill set is available to your law firm when you hired the team at Lawyer Success, Inc.

No other competitor can help you generate and convert more web based business than the team at Lawyer Success, Inc. As an added benefit, Mr. Greenier works with each client on an individual basis and will project manage your web marketing solution personally to ensure your Web presence is World Class.

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