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Custom Lawyer Websites With Matching Blogs



Custom Design - We guarantee you will love the design we put together for you. In fact, we will meet with you and then design the website prior to you having to sign a contract or pay a deposit. At Lawyer Success, Inc. there is no risk, just results!

Content Management - You will be able to access your website and optional web blog via your PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone. This access enables you to add content, edit web pages, format content, add articles, blog posts, videos, audio and much more!

No programming skills required and we teach you how to perform the simple functions or we can do it for you at no extra cost to you!

Top Rankings - Google and the other search engines love blogs. The reason is that these blogs are easy to spider, they offer fast upload times, RSS capabilities, commenting, and the constant fresh content that is releveant and resourceful.

24/7 Support - Best in class client support to answer questions or make updates to your website or blog. All available around the clock. Now that is convenience.


Do you already have a website but desire a blog that matches your existing website's design?

At Lawyer Success, Inc. we have the skill set to create a custom designed web blog from scratch. In other words, we can design the site based on the features, design elements, and colors you like. So if there are some features or design elements based on one or several other websites you have an affinity for our team can incorporate those elements into your design. When it comes to matching the design of your new WordPress blog, we can implement the existing design of your current lawyer website to achieve a seamless result. In other words, your potential visitor will not be confused when navigating between the website and the blog pages as they will have the same look and feel.

Do you want to redesign an existing law firm website and integrate in to the website a blog that matches the design?

The reason we do not offer many design samples on our website is simple. Our designs are based on the customer's desires and do not reflect on our design skills. Also, as you would not put your legal forms online for other attorneys to "borrow" the same thing is true with our designs.

NO RISK LAWYER WEBSITE DESIGN - When you call Lawyer Success, Inc. ask us about the "No Risk" lawyer website design offer. In short, this means if you do not like the design we put together - you do not pay!

So there is absolutely NO RISK in trying out our service!

If your existing law firm website was built using one of those "Do it Yourself" website builder templates such as Yahoo, GoDaddy, Network Solutions or any other templated website builder, you probably have realized - you really do get what you pay for,

On the other side of the cost spectrum, there are those who hired the "National law firm website and marketing" firms and paid anywhere from $5,000-$250,000 per year year only to either break even or take a loss on their investment.

Which ever side of the spectrum your past experience with website design and marketing, Lawyer Success, Inc. delivers additional value month after month.

If you have questions or would like further details or advice concerning lawyer website design, feel free to give the experts at Lawyer Success, Inc. a call at (769) 218-6099.

No other competitor can help you generate and convert more web based business than the team at Lawyer Success, Inc. As an added benefit, Mr. Greenier works with each client on an individual basis and will project manage your web marketing solution personally to ensure your Web presence is World Class.

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