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Attorney Directory Placement Services - Reviews & Ratings

There are a plethora of online directories and attorney Attorney directories ratings and reviews from actual attorneys that have tried the products themselves.directories on the Internet today. For most attorneys the only information they obtain about any particular directory is from the sales representative of that company. Over the past decade, Lawyer Success, Inc. has compiled ratings, reviews and pricing from 3,500 law firms that have tried these various Internet marketing products. We continuously update our knowledgebase of the various legal and non-legal related Internet directories.

Along with that insight we have tested and reviewed that statistics as it relates to website click through (traffic), cost per call, conversion and quality of new client intakes.

This information is very valuable as it allows our clients to focus on the online phone bokk directories that have been tried, tested and deliver real results.

Call Lawyer Success, Inc. today for unbiased and experienced advice concerning vaious types of Internet directory products. Whether you already have a product selected and need to know if it will really work or whether you would like direction in other directories you may not be familiar with, we can help. Call (769) 218-6099 to set up an appointment with directory consultant

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