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When your clients confront legal issues, there best option is to take advantage of your legal experience, expertise and knowledge rather than try to solve their own legal problems.  By the same token, you should seek the guidance and services of law firm success professionals.  We can accomplish the same objectives for you that you do for your clients by preventing wasted time, effort and money devoted to trial and error marketing solutions.

How Are the Legal Marketing Solutions Provided by Lawyer Success Unique?

Our team of Lawyer Success experts is unique because we offer a dynamic fusion of unique backgrounds and expertise that allow us to provide comprehensive law firm marketing solutions.  Most attorney marketing companies have a single area of expertise, so they struggle to provide comprehensive solutions.  At Lawyer Success, our team is made up of a team with expertise in law firm marketing, search engine optimization, effective legal marketing content and appealing website design.  In other words, we combine SEO experts, law firm marketing specialist and writers with legal training and/or law practice experience.

Why Will the Services of Lawyer Success Promote Law Firm Growth?

Most law firms now recognize that online marketing is an essential component of law firm growth.  Unfortunately, online competition for positioning on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other search engines if fierce.  Many law firms turn to companies to design a new fresh looking website, enhance their law firm’s search engine optimization or expand or improve the legal content on their site.  This piecemeal approach is both ineffective and costly.  A great looking website is essentially worthless if you do not generate a high volume of traffic to the site.  Similarly, your website may generate a lot of traffic but few clients if it is poorly designed or the substantive content does not speak to clients in an authoritative and meaningful way. 

This is why we do not ask SEO experts to attempt to write thoughtful but clear legal content.  We also do not ask our top web design team to focus on strategies to drive traffic to attorney websites because that is why we have a team of SEO experts with decades of collective experience.  Even when we are writing the legal content for your firm website or legal blog, we do not ask our former attorneys and law school trained writers to implement effective marketing strategies in their writing.  Our legal writers ensure that the legal content we write is relevant, insightful and informative, then our marketing experts refine the content to appeal to potential clients.

Why Will the Lawyer Success Team Help You Retain More Clients?

You could conceivably hire individual firms to handle the diverse tasks of creating a website, conducting legal research, writing legal copy, improving search results and employing marketing strategies that appeal to consumers.  However, the cost to retain a separate company for each of these functions would make this option cost prohibitive for most law firms.  Our expert team combines their expertise so that the same philosophies, marketing strategies and approach guides the development of your Internet marketing solution.  Our proven synergistic results can be generated because we have assembled experts with diverse but targeted backgrounds:

Web Design Experts: We have a web design team that has created some of the most visually appealing and effective sites on the web.  Our team works diligently to ensure that your site is easy to navigate, appealing to the eye and effective at converting website traffic to potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists: Our SEO team has decades of experience in developing and implementing SEO strategies that can get you to the top of the search engines.  We know that a website can only maximize the clients it generates if it is generating a high volume of traffic.  Our team also realizes that SEO services can range drastically in price, so we craft a solution to fit your law firm’s needs and budget.

Legal Marketing Professionals: Our legal marketing experts know that the ability of a law firm website to appeal to a client can mean the difference between a mere visit to your website and a potential client visiting your law firm.  Our legal marketing experts have decades of experience in management and sales at the top legal Internet marketing firms in the country.  This background means we understand that the goal is “conversion” not visits to your website.  Whether you are considering a new website, participation in an online directory or matching service, pay per click, legal blog or other Internet marketing strategy, we can provide insider insight, so you know what works before squandering your limited law firm marketing dollars.

Our marketing experts also work closely with former attorneys and law school trained writers who draft your website and blog content to ensure it is the type of copy that will interest clients and motivate them to call your office.

Legal Writers: The legal writing on your website must be well-written and authoritative while remaining understandable to readers.  Our legal writers are experienced and trained in legal writing, but they have also been making legal content accessible to consumers for years.  This ability to provide helpful carefully crafted legal information for consumers provides an effective tool for increasing client conversion rates.

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We have gathered over 1,300 best practices from successful lawyers all over the country.  You will gain access to strategies implemented by many successful U.S. law firms when you enter your name and e-mail above.  We will e-mail you links to different tips and trainings that will help you succeed in both business and in life.
Lawyer Success, LLC can also support the growth of your law firm in many other ways, including but not limited to the following:


Do you need a coach to help you increase your success? Lawyer Success, LLC has one of the leading MasterMind Groups in the country. Our MasterMind Groups are comprised of today's most successful attorneys who meet on conference calls to share and discuss their best practices and strategies.  Lawyer Success, LLC also offers one-on-one coaching to help you become the best you can be in all areas of your professional and personal life.  Call (800) 877-2776 for application details.


Are you interested in learning how to market, promote or improve your law practice? Lawyer Success, LLC offers some of the most comprehensive "Do It Yourself" audio programs, ebooks, instructional DVDs and CDs available. Call (800) 877-2776 for our list of products


Are you interested in having a website designed or blog content drafted? Interested in search engine optimization or link building? Lawyer Success, LLC has been providing expert lawyer website design, SEO and Internet marketing since 2003!  We guarantee you see increased traffic or your money back!  Our service are so superior that we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on our work.  No contracts!  If you want risk-free results, call our Lawyer Success experts at (800) 877-2776 for details.

Experience Matters

Since 2001, our team has worked on 7 of the 10 most visited legal websites on the Web. We have assisted in the development of legal websites now generating between 250,000 to 4 million unique visitors per month. No competitor is able to match that level of Internet Marketing and Search Engine experience!

Results Matters

As a client of Lawyer Success, you will save time, money and frustration. We will help you generate a high number of quality leads through our proven services such as: Attorney Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Lead, Attorney Directory Submission, Pay Per Click Management, Video SEM, Legal Blog Services and Social Media. Our attorney internet marketing strategies have tripled response rates on advertising, turned phone calls into set appointments and slashed the cost of per client acquisition by over 150%.

Call us at (800) 877-2776 for free lawyer success advice or visit our Valuable Law Firm Marketing Ideas and Tips Blog for valuable marketing coaching tips.